Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Updates from our diet the past few days.....

Day 8

Hubby lost 100 grams bringing his total to 4.3kgs
I lost 700 grams bringing my total to 2.9kgs

Breakfast was bacon lettuce and tomato muffin
Lunch was Ham/Salad Sandwich and a banana
Dinner was Grilled chicken salad

This also was the beginning of our exercise regime.  This week is the Treadmill.
Hubby and I each walked for 30 minutes.

This was also measurement day....Hubby had an overall loss of approx 23.5cms and I had a loss of 10.5cms.  We are happy with the first week's results, hopefully they continue!

Day 9

Hubby gained 200 grams - total of 4.1kgs
I gained 200 grams - total of 2.7kgs

Breakfast was Vitabrits with banana/almonds and milk
Lunch was Ryvita with ham and salad and avocado
Dinner was Fish with zucchini, sweet potato, zucchini and green beans

Day 2 of the treadmill - 30 minutes each

Day 10

Hubby gained 500 grams - total loss of 3.6kgs
I gained 900 grams - total loss of 1.8kgs

We aren't sure what is going on.  Obviously it is fluid retention as we have been sticking to the diet.  It seems since we have added exercise into the equation we are putting weight on lol......I knew there were benefits of being a couch potato!!!!  If it was just me, I would have put it down to the usual girly things but as hubby said this morning, unless he is going out in sympathy with me it has to be something else lol.  We will see what tomorrow brings.  We can't give up so we have to just keep plodding along and see how things long as I don't end up heavier I still think a loss is still a loss lol.

Today for breakfast we had Egg on Toast with avocado
Lunch was a non event (I know that's naughty!)
Dinner is a Grilled Chicken Salad again (that was really yummy) is a pic from the other night....

This was Hubby's plate, mine had slightly less chicken

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Greenie Canberra said...

Don't despair - once you start exercising you start to build muscle mass, which weighs more than fat. It'll all equal out over the next few days ...