Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 17 of the Diet Regime

This daily stuff is getting a little tedious lol, but its the only way that Mr17 is able to keep up with his work easily.  I use this as my diary and then he takes notes from it.  He is basically writing down our daily menus and our daily weight loss and measurements.  We are supposed to be giving him comments as well.
Aaah well, I will stop complaining and just get on with it huh......

Day 16's results....
Hubby lost 300 grams bringing his total back to 4.0kgs
I lost 300 grams bringing my total back to 3.2 kgs (I'm catching up with him lol)

Exercising on the vibration machine is a little weird.  It doesn't really feel like its doing much at the time.  But within half hour or so you can really feel that you have done something for sure.  I'm still not convinced that we will see any real change this week but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Today I also walked the kids to school.  This is a 4.4km return trip so that can only be a positive for me.  Mr17 said it would throw out his results if I did extra exercise but I simply said that when it comes to weight loss, history says that I need all the help I can get and I don't want to waste this "experiment" and get to the end of it not having lost much at all.

On other news....its a beautiful day here in Adelaide today, just my type of weather.  It rained last night but this morning is blue sky, a cool breeze, bird chirping in the trees, absolutely beautiful.  I need to get to the shops and get a large piece of coloured card so that Mr11 can finish off his project.  It is due in tomorrow and he still needs to stick down all his information and do his decorating.  Wednesday nights are busy in our house so he needs to get straight on to it when he gets home from school for sure!  I was meant to buy the card yesterday but totally forgot about it.  I am hoping now that I can get his chosen colour of red!

Okay I'm off, shops to head to, bathrooms to clean and hopefully dry washing to get off the line a little later.

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Greenie Canberra said...

You're amazing! I'm so enjoying following your experiment - and I'd be over the moon if I'd lost 3.2kgs in 16 days! Wow!
All the best for the next 16 days
Greenie x