Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 12 of our Diet Regime and some fun in the sun last weekend

Today is Day 12 of our "diet regime".  We have definitely settled into the healthy eating.  It doesn't feel like such a chore any more,,,,,well except for the bit of having to cook two meals each night, that is still a pain in the butt.  For the most part though we are incorporating ours and the kids meals together and just doing it slightly different for the kids, with not quite as much of the salad and veg for them (I have typical males who aren't keen on their veggies lol, feed a man meat and all that stuff is how the younger 3 boys at least think!)

Our results from Day 11 are:

Hubby lost 400 grams bringing his total weight loss to 5.1kgs
I lost 600 grams bringing my total weight loss back up to 2.8kgs

It seems we are now back on track, although the last couple of days we have been pretty busy and have dropped our snack altogether so have only been averaging about 1200 calories again.  But thats okay, we haven't been starving hungry and don't feel deprived which is good.

We have continued on with the treadmill.  Half an hour a day, not really that much but we can definitely feel it at the end of the session.  We have been doing fast walks, just enough to keep the heart rate up there but still be just able to have a conversation.

Hubby is going to Melbourne this afternoon for work.  He will be back tomorrow night.  Therefore he won't get his Saturday morning weigh in, or his treadmill in for today or diet meals for dinner tonight, breakfast and lunch tomorrow.......instead he will be eating dinner with the guys, which of course means healthy doses of beer.  It will be interesting to see what his scales reveal on Sunday morning lol!!!

Since we had a public holiday on Monday and also to get us out of the house after losing our beloved BillyBoy on Sunday night, we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and head down to Glenelg Beach for the afternoon.  My Mr17 was out with friends and Mr15 decided that he would be too bored if he came with us without Mr17 so he wanted to stay home and play Xbox online with his mates.  So Miss13, Mr11 x 2 and Mr9 came with us down to the beach.  Normally we are at the beach just about every weekend during summer, but this summer has been quite mild and we haven't had many opportunities for our little trips to the sea.

Monday was a beautiful day, it was warm in the sun but cool in the shade.  The water was beautiful, it didn't have a chill to it really (well we Hubby and I only went in up to our knees and it was nice lol).  Due to Mr11's Autism he doesn't really like the beach that much generally.  He has no sense of balance and the water rushing in and out totally throws him off lol, it can be quite funny to watch.  Generally he fusses and carries on like a pork chop refusing to go in further than ankle deep and more often than not will just sit on the sand and whine.  On Monday though, he got a little braver.  The first half hour was the traditional whine time but after that he went in a little deeper.  He then actually walked in the water away from Hubby (normally he remains glued to Hubby like a leech).  This time he actually headed over to where the kids were when they were sitting in the shallow area near the jetty.  We got Miss13 to grab his hand and take him in a little deeper.  She managed to get him into his knees before he became too strong for her to control and she gave up.  The main thing is that he actually seemed to be enjoying the water for a change.  It was nice to see a smile on his face and for us to have a chance to just enjoy the moment instead of having to put up with his continual protests.  Fingers crossed it may continue,,,,,I doubt it lol but will live in hope!

I think I can..........

Mr9 was telling him to let go of the jetty lol

My Mr11 performing some kind of opera it seems

Mr9 was still trying to convince him to just step away from the pole

He did it, he let go of the pole!!!

Miss13 and Mr9 just chilling out

Look, he is nearly in up to the knees and not a pole in sight, yay!!!!  See the smile,,,,,just a shame the hat on was lol

On his way out, one step at a time, that moving water was tricky to navigate but he was actually laughing about it so that is a good thing!!


Niki said...

What a wonderful day. He is lucky to have you in his life. My nephew is Autistic. He is a joy. But alot of hard work too. His poor Mum(my baby sister)is in Melbourne & has to do alot of it by herself. But we see her often & adore her little man. It is hard to stay positive sometimes, but your stepson has a wonderful family to be part of & that is gold.

Enchanted Moments said...

Fabulous effort...and to think you got some pics is great! Good to look back on and say "Look what you did!"....
Grew up down the Bay, but dont get down there as much anymore....