Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 18 Diet Regime

Just a very quick update today.....

Day 17 results
Hubby lost 400 grams bringing his total to 4.4kgs
I gained 100 grams bringing my total to 3.1kgs.

I gave Hubby the evil eye look this morning when he reported his loss to me,,,,,he didn't even exercise at all yesterday!!  I on the other hand walked 4.5kms and did my exercise on the vibration machine.  Life can be so unfair lol, us girls have it tough I tell ya!!!!!!!!!!

Today's menu is:
Breakfast - Poached Egg on Rye
Lunch - Tuna Melt
Dinner - Salad (not sure exactly which one yet lol)

Now please excuse me, I have to go and retrieve my kitchen........this is what it looks like at this moment,,,,see that grey bit that pokes out here and there on top of the cupboards, well that is my benchtop, somewhere under all that clutter.  This is the result of me not having cleaned up after  people for two days,,,,,,,none of them seem the least bit bothered but it stresses me out!  Another thing that is driving me nuts is those walls,,,,,,,we still haven't tiled them and it is just driving me insane.  We think we may have finally made up our minds now though and we just need to do it.  (I'm a little nervous, we have never tiled before and we are going to give it a go ourselves,,,,,,crap I hope it turns out okay!! lol)

I can't believe I have actually shown you all this disaster zone, lol ok I am off to make it look nice again.  Seeya!

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Only in Louisiana ~ documenting the adventures we call Life! said...

Thanks for your kind words about Scout....they are much appreciated! Why do men always seem to have it easier in the wieght loss department ~ it is not fair. Good luck and keep after it...sounds like you are on the right track! I know what you mean about cleaning the kitchen..if I don't clean ours everyday, we are drowning in dishes. I guess it comes with the job of being a Mom!