Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 3 of the Health and Fitness Regime - 2nd day results AND Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!

We are on to Day 3, we have today and tomorrow left of the Anti Bloat part of the Flat Belly Diet and I can honestly say that I won't be sad to see it end.  Overall it has been pretty easy to follow.  I have been feeling hungry at night but nothing too bad.  I have found the only part that has been hard has been the amount of sunflower seeds you need to consume for breakfast......1/4 cup!!!  After tomorrow I don't want to look at another sunflower seed again lol.

This morning's weigh in was another pleasant surprise.

Hubby lost 1.0kgs making a total of 3kgs lost.
I lost 600grams bringing my total to 1.6kgs lost.

Now if it follows the same pattern it did last year when we started this diet my weight loss should slow down to a dribble once I get past the first 4 days lol.  I remember getting cranky because hubby continued to lose decent numbers each week, while I lost only about 300 grams a week, so we shall see what happens this time!  Its so unfair that men can drop weight easily and us girls have bodies that just seem to want to hold onto every last gram of fat it can :(

But moving on lol, I am determined not to dwell on the negative for this "regime" and only focus on the fact that it can only be doing me good and I will be happy at the end of the 6 months! 

It has been rather amusing the last two mornings, as my Mr17 has actually been eating breakfast with us, complete with a full dosing of sunflower seeds this morning,,,,I wish I had a camera this morning when he hit a large amount of sunflower seeds in one spoonful of cereal lol, it was priceless.  He didn't manage to get through all his sunflower seeds but I am proud of him for at least giving it a go.  Yesterday he had the cereal with us but only had about a tablespoon of the seeds, today hubby was mean and gave him the full serving!

Today's menu is as follows:
Breakfast - Weeties with Sultanas and sunflower seeds (the sultanas did a pretty good job of hiding the seeds!!)
Lunch - Turkey with cherry tomatoes and a slice of cheese
Dinner - Steak with Beans and Sweet potato
Snack - Peach Smoothie

Now on to some other news,,,,just to prove that there is life outside of this diet lol.  From the garden we have picked 5 pumpkins and we have another 3 left on the vine.  Two of the biggest ones had started to get attacked by those black lawn beetles but hubby chopped away the bit that they had started getting into and the rest of the pumpkins is perfectly fine.  (I was more inclined to just toss the whole thing but hubby was determined to prove his point that the rest of the pumpkin is perfectly okay lol.) 

The first pic is of our smaller 3 pumpkins which I thought looked so cute stacked into a tower lol.  As you can see the top one could have stayed on the vine a while longer but I got a little over enthusiastic with my pruning one the weekend and accidentally chopped his vine,,,whoops!

These two big boys were my pride and joy until I went to pick them and discovered holes on the section that was touching the ground.  I was mortified lol, my pride and joys were less than perfect!  Hubby simply attacked them with his little axe and voila,,,,we have perfectly good pumpkin ready to turn into soup for the freezer.

The weights of the pumpkins are:  4.1kgs, 3.8kgs, 3.9kgs, 2.8kgs and 1.9kgs.

Early last week we picked our first "Spooky Pumpkin" as the label on the seed packet called them.  I was pretty happy that out of 2 little seeds of Spooky Pumpkin that I planted I have ended up with 3 pumpkins.  One of them is only little but I have also had 2 large pumpkins, only one of which has been picked.  We picked it and used it for our roast chicken meal and with the left overs we made pumpkin soup, yummy!  I forgot to carve a jack-o-lantern with it lol so the boys have their eyes on the other large one that is still growing.  As Mr9 informed me,,,,a jack o lantern is the reason we got those seeds in the first place.  He is so right lol, so in the next week or two we will be carving our jack o lantern a few months early!

Here is our first spooky pumpkin....

and our mighty haul of pumpkin seeds,,,,,the kids are already imagining many, many jack-o-lanterns for next year lol......all I can imagine is the amount of space that many plants would take up lol.

Well I have rambled on enough for one day I think lol.  Have a great day everyone and I will be back tomorrow with more regime results!!

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Niki said...

Oh my god-1.6 kgs in a couple of days, I gotta do this diet. Keep going girl-your doing good. Love the pumpkins.