Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lost in Life......for 3 months!!!!! Sheesh where did that time go????

Hi everyone, I can't believe its been 3 months since I last posted!  I have been reading blogs here and there but just haven't really had the "oomph" to actually write on my own.

Life sure as heck hasn't been any easier these last three months, I am still waiting for our life to turn around and put smiles on all our faces for a change.

Settling in here just isn't as easy as I thought it would be, but I think that has mainly to do with all the things we have going on in our lives.  I'm the sort of person that can't really settle until I have all my little duckies in a row so to speak lol.

Hubby has resigned from the job title that we moved here for.  After being told just 3 weeks after that last trip to China that I mentioned on here, he was informed,,,,once again with just over 24 hours notice,,,,that he was off to China yet again for another 8 days.  The toll on our family and our relationship was just getting too high.  None of us were happy and something had to give, so when he returned from that trip he resigned as GM and is now just Director of a smaller part of the company.  He has lost his office and is now in a share office downstairs with two other guys.  I felt terrible that he resigned but at the end of the day, all of the promises that had been made to him regarding bonuses and pay rises hadn't happened and we are acutally worse off financially here, due to the higher cost of paying child support and the costs of having to travel back and forth to Adelaide 8 times a year, so it just wasn't worth the extra stress on all of us.

At the end of March, my Hubby's dear Dad passed away over in New Zealand.  This came as a complete shock and it definitely wasn't a good time.  I had to pull the boys out of school and we had to drive them over to stay with their Dad in Adelaide so Hubby and I could fly out to NZ.  We were in NZ for 6 nights before heading back.  The funeral was lovely but very hard.  Hubby wrote his eulogy with my help but said he didn't want to read it out and I bravely offered.  I have never been a fan of public speaking so I was very nervous but at the same time was determined to do it for him.  I got up the front and put my head down and slowly made my way through it.  I couldn't believe I actually made it through to the end but I did!!  I even managed to pronounce a few of the Maori names without tripping over them lol so I was very relieved.

Since we have been back home, we have also had problems happening with my Hubby's two kids.  I can't share on here what has been going on but lets just say it has been very stressful.  First of all it was his Autistic son and that problem is pretty big, bigger than me I feel, and is going to be a long drawn out affair.  Then we have his daughter that has just decided that it is her turn to cause problems and of course her mother isn't helping at all, so this too is going to be a pretty stressful affair too.  I am trying to keep my cool and keep Hubby calm about it all too but I tell you,,,,,some days grrrrrrr!  The whole thing is just heart breaking and I know that if we had still been in Adelaide, these problems would be minute in comparison :(

Yesterday after talking to my Ex I discovered that I may have a problem of sorts which will arise with my boys too in the very near future.  I am trying to remain calm and I know that at the end of the day I will let my kids make their own minds up, but it is waying heavily on my mind at the moment.

On a hopefully happier note though, Hubby and I have decided that working together is the way to go for us.  And although I am more than a little nervous about everything we are going ahead and are determined to make things work for us.  We are taking on a cleaning franchise.  We were able to get in really cheaply due to one of the other guys who lives on the other side of Melbourne, branching out on his own in a slightly different direction to what the franchise deals with.  We are taking over his franchise and starting it up from scratch on our side of town.  Naturally, we will start with no customers at all but hopefully we can make this work.  Hubby will continue working at his job and I will be starting up the business on my own and attempting to grow it to the point where Hubby can leave his job and come and work with me.

Hubby has also taken on an Ebay Shop selling covers and mounts for phones and ipads and tablets etc.....All these things look the same to me lol but he believes that he can grow that business into something worthwhile.  Once again we were able to buy the stock very cheaply as the other guy had to get out of it in order to do his demolition/rebuild of his home.  So far so good with that, we have only had it up and running a few days and have had a few sales already.  It seriously needs sorting out as they guy only had a basic computer knowledge and kind of has things all over the place but I think we will be able to work it all out and fix it up eventually lol.

I also have decided to start jewellery making (I know,,,,like we really need something else to occupy our lives right??? lol).  I am doing memory wire bracelets, earrings and necklaces,,you know the sort you see at craft fairs with the beading etc.  I find it quite relaxing and I am really surprised how easy it all actually is lol.

I still love my crochet but haven't made any new things for a while.  I am trying to get a blanket finished that I started about a year ago and am so bored with but I am determined to finish it before starting anything else lol.

Anyway, I need to go and pickup my little cherubs from school.  I just wanted to update you on the "Days of Our Lives" happening in our neck of the woods.

I am hoping I can get this little blog of mine going again and be a more regular blogger once more.  I just feel like all I have done for the past year is share dramas and that wasn't what my blog was meant to be about, not at all.  So from here on I hope to be able to share fluffy bunnies, sunny smiles and pretty flowers or the like and breathe some sunshine back into blogland.

Maybe I will share a few photos of some jewellery I have created,,,,and hopefully this darn blanket very soon too lol

Talk again soon, Take care everyone :)