Friday, June 25, 2010

An uplifting song for the weekend.......

 While reading through various blogs I came across a few references to the "West Girls" and "Homesteading dvds".  I searched YouTube and found this beautiful and uplifting song sung by the beautiful girls from the West Family.  It put a smile on my face and it is such a catchy tune that I have played it over and over.  I thought others might enjoy it too.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!....."cuz there's green beans in the garden and clothes on the line......"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My boy is 10 and now has 3 new little friends

Monday saw one of my boys have his 10th birthday.  I can't believe it has been ten years since I welcomed this little guy into the world.  He has gone from this.....
to this.....

so darn fast!!!!

Here he is pictured with one of his new little friends,,,,Harry the Rat.  He had two rats a few years ago and when they ran over the Rainbow Bridge he didn't want to get any more.  Well a friend of his at school changed all that when he bought his pet rat Casper into school for sharing day.  So one of his presents was a nice new rat cage and three little munchkins to go in  it.  As well as Harry we also have Patches....

and Freddy.......

They are so awesomely cute!!!  Even I am in love with them.  Unfortunately it is a juggling act since we also have two cats that live inside too.  Lol the cats have to spend time in the bathroom while the 3 musketeers have their cuddle and play times.  But it is so worth the inconveniences to see the smile on the kids faces and listen to their giggles as the rats tickle the backs of their necks as they try and find a nice cosy spot.

This would have to be just another of the joys of motherhood I think.  I certainly wouldn't have bought rats as a pet for us, but now we have them, I can't really imagine life without them.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Busy Busy Busy....

I have been just so flat out the last couple of weeks it is ridiculous.

Between parent teacher meetings at school, sick kids, kids birthdays to organise, school projects to help with, presents to organise aggghhhhhhh I feel like I haven't stopped.

We have now moved from gastro bugs to colds.....great!  Mr8 tends to get quite chesty with colds and ends up throwing up, so for the last two nights he has been sick.  Thankfully only the once each night but man oh man I am just over it all I tell ya lol.

I have also been busy searching out a rat cage for Mr9's birthday in two weeks time.  We had rats back when he was 5 and I thought that he was over the rat thing but one of his mates at school bought his pet rat in for sharing day and the obsession resurfaced.  So for his birthday he is getting a nice new rat cage and two little boy rats.  We took him down to the breeder to meet them last week and they are just sooooo cute!!  I have even decided we will get three (Mr9 doesn't know this bit yet).  I fell in love with a little black and white one and I figured that Mr9 and Mr8 will both want to hold one and then when my stepdaughter is over she will argue that she doesn't have one and all hell will more than likely break loose.  So number 3 will be coming to live with us and then the only thing they can argue about is which one they are holding lol.

Here are our previous little rats,,,Stripes and Peanut

On Monday I spent the day making some little ratty tunnels, and hammocks and pouches.  They turned out pretty good for someone that just made it up as she went along lol.....will see how long they stay in one piece!!!

It is so cold here right now, sitting on about 12 degrees.  This house doesn't retain heat very well at all and we only have a gas heater in the lounge so the rest of the house doesn't really get any warmth.  Needless to say it is rather chilly!!!  I can see lots of coffee on the horizon for today lol, coffee and nice hot soup for lunch I think!!!

I got a few paint samples so that we can start painting in the bathrooms and laundry and I hate them all lol.  Nothing seems to look right.  I have white paint in the bathrooms now, one has blue tiles and the other has grey and it is stupid but none of the colours I have chosen seem to go.  I swear I have never had this much trouble trying to find a nice paint colour before lol.  I have decided I am going to use the paint samples and just mix them in with some white paint just to tone them down.  I think that will do the trick.  I will take some pics once it is done if it turns out reasonable!!!!

Ok off to sweep the floors, they are looking pretty grotty......I won't bother mopping today though since I doubt they will dry for ages!!