Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4 Minute Cupcakes.........Kid and Adult Approved Recipe!!

Yesterday I decided to make some cupcakes. Rather than reaching for the packet mix that sat lurking in my pantry drawer I decided to try out one of my many recipes that I mentioned yesterday.

This recipe is definitely a "keeper" and will be used from now on in this house when the call for cupcakes arises.

So easy!!


2 Cups SR Flour
1 Cup Sugar
3/4 Cup Milk
125g Butter
2 eggs
1 tsp Vanilla Essence

Put all ingredients into mixing bowl and beat on high with electric mixer for 4 minutes.
If too thick add more milk, a tablespoon at a time, beating continuously.
Put into patty pans (lined or greased) and bake in a moderately hot oven for approximately 15 minutes.

Replace the vanilla extract with other flavours – lemon, strawberry, coffee, orange, apricot etc
Chocolate cakes – add 3 tablespoons cocoa with the flour

Yesterday I just made vanilla ones but I am going to try strawberry ones next time I make them.

I iced them and they are all just about gone,,,,I have hidden two aside for Hubby and I to have with a coffee later this afternoon otherwise we may well miss out lol.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy times - School holidays are upon us again.....

I have been missing in action yet again. This time I have school holidays to blame lol.

Last week it was just my boys and I but this week sees the step kids with us and also extra friends sleeping over.

Sunday night and yesterday I had 8 kids here, today I have 6. Tomorrow I will have 7 and Thursday 7 then back to 6 on Friday and yayyyyyyy, 0 for Saturday and most of Sunday. Lol I am longing for that at the moment!!!! We have to go to my nephews wedding on Saturday so my ex is having my kids and Hubby's guys go back to their mum on Friday night.

Last week was my youngest baby's 8th birthday....where on earth has that time gone??? (Photos to follow.....

I long for little people. I am so proud of the people my kids are turning into but oh how I long for the little baby giggles and the trials and tribulations of having toddlers in the house. I actually miss Barney the purple Dinosaur and the Wiggles and Hi-5 lol. I do still get snippets of them as Mr9 with autism watches dvds over and over the only problem being he constantly rewinds so you never get to see a whole song or segment and he constantly changes the dvds.

Yesterday the kids were all occupied playing various games and I have been laid up with a bad cold so I felt like doing nothing so I spent most of the day at the computer going through all my recipes.

I have had a file sitting on the computer for the last 9 years which I have been adding recipes to when I find ones that sound yummy. I still have my mum's recipe collection to go through and scan the ones that I want from that, but finally I have sorted my recipes that are on here into Savoury and Sweet. From that I discovered I have 709 savoury recipes and 815 sweet recipes, all waiting to be tried out by me!!! I could write books with that amount of recipes lol.

My plan is to start at the top and slowly work my way through. I still haven't decided what to do with the double, triple etc ups that I have accrued along the way. I think I counted 8 different versions of Apricot Chicken and about 9 recipes for Anzac Biscuits lol. I'm not sure whether to try each of them or just find the most frugal one and stick with that, decisions decisions.

If they are successful recipes I will post them on my blog to share. I am pretty slack at taking photos of my creations and in the past I have tried recipes and forgotten to photograph the results so never bother to post them. From now on I will aim to improve. I don't think I will be doing the step by step pictures but I will definitely do the end results!!!