Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Restless Feelings that won't Go Away

Do you ever feel so restless that you just don't know what to do with yourself?

I am feeling like that at the moment.

We, well I should say I, lol since Hubby is still working at his regular job,,,,,,have started up our business.  We are in week 6 (I think?) and it is moving along.  Not as fast as we perhaps would like but I have it making enough that is covering our costs almost.  It is covering our franchise fees and some of the fuel costs.  So I feel like I am working for nothing but I'm not working a full time equivalent, I am only doing one job a day at most and even then I don't do 5 days a week.  Last week I only worked 3 days, this week it is 4 days.  The customers I have picked up are lovely and most of the houses are pretty good to clean.  I only really have two houses which I don't like doing, simply because they are pretty cluttered, hence making it alot harder to clean.

So the business is growing slowly.  I have been a little fussy with where I will travel to.  I don't seem to be getting much work locally and this is bothering me a little.  With a few of my jobs being up to an hour away, I feel that my day is taken up in travelling,,,,,,which of course doesn't earn me money!  So I am starting to only quote on jobs that are closer to home.  We are going to do a few letter box drops in our local area to try and drum up a bit more local business.  We have so many new houses popping up around us that it seems silly to be driving further afield to do work when I am sure that there are plenty of potential customers within a ten minute drive of me (the best bit of course is that these are all newer houses so they are so much easier to clean!!)

After seeing other people's houses, it has made me more determined than ever that our lives need a good declutter.  Prior to moving here, hubby and I were selling off stuff from around the house, and we had boxes of things that needed to be listed on Ebay.  Well they moved with us and of course as things would turn out, life has taken a few different turns and our enthusiasm for online selling has dwindled and we still have boxes of stuff cluttering up our shed.  We have gone through the boxes and pretty much halved the amount of "stock" we had, donating it all to charity.  Now of course, with the start up of our business, I don't have as much free time as I did, and I am seriously considering just donating the rest as well.  Having said that though, we have sold an incredible amount of stuff over the last couple of months between Ebay and Facebook sites.  I had a wonderful collection of novels (about 250 or so) which have all gone.  I think I ended up donating about 30 books, the rest I sold.  Even though majority of them only sold for $1 it was still a great feeling getting that little extra cash and being able to clear off a full to the brim book case.  We have also sold many of the kids old Playstation 2 games which had been unused since the boys all "upgraded" to the xbox 360.  Also quite a few of the dvds that have gone unwatched for quite a while have left the house.

We still have a long, long way to go with the clutter but I can see that we have made a start.  I'm still unsure as to what to do with those other boxes of stuff, it seems silly to just give it away when I know that we could get a bit of money back but then again, it takes time to list the stuff.

It doesn't help that hubby bought a second hand drum kit for Mr11 for Xmas.  It is stored in boxes in the shed at the moment and supposedly by Christmas we are supposed  to have the shed set up nicely so that the drum kit can be assembled out there,,,,,,,,,,aagghhhhhhhhhh.

Man!!!  Do we have some work ahead of us!!!!