Monday, August 30, 2010

Another weekend bites the dust....

Well here we are, its Monday again.  Today I have my poor little Mr10 home from school sick.  He isn't full on sick but was up last night feeling ill and then vomited just the once.  Today he is keeping down toast and water so I think he is going to be fine.  He has packed himself off to bed now for a little nap.

This weekend wasn't as productive as I had hoped it would be but I did get the toilet ceiling painted,,,,,YAY!!!  Now I know to most people that doesn't sound all that impressive, after all it is only a tiny little room, but for me it is a real achievement.  I have lived in this house for almost 9 years and from the day I moved in I wanted to start painting.  That freshly painted white ceiling spells new beginnings and a brighter future to me.  I am now itching to get started on the walls, but hubby wants to redo the roof first lol.  Our roller wasn't in very good condition so I had to use a paintbrush instead hence the reason hubby wants to redo it lol.  But hey at least it looks a heck of a lot nicer than it did!!

We also got a stack of photographing done of the kids old PS2 games that they want me to sell online for them.  They all saved up and bought themselves their own xbox so I now have a mountain of games that no one wants.  They have just kept their absolute favourites to play on the PS2 in the lounge and the rest I will list on Oztion to make them a little bit of money.

Best I start listing them then!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blogging Pause on the Pathway of Life

Well it has been a while since I posted anything.  Life threw in a curveball and I have been flat out dealing with it.  Now when life should be getting back to normal, yet another curveball gets thrown....when does the crap end?????

The last two months have given me plenty of time to think about this blog.  My Hubby did his back in at work and has spent the last 6 weeks on pain killers, having physio etc and I have been the taxi driver as the drugs he was on made him unable to drive.  He was off work for the initial two weeks, with 4 days spent in hospital pretty much unable to move due to the pain.  He then began to work from home, then I became the chauffeur and took him into work, sat around for an hour or two while he did stuff he couldn't do at home, then took him out to see some of his customers, then bought him home for a rest and to allow him to work from home.  My days were pretty much filled for those 6 hours when the kids were at school.  The house got left sadly in last place as by the time you do all the basic stuff the nitty gritty of the housework never got done.  Today Workcover has said he is back at work under "modified" duties, which is a whole different story in itself and it has left Hubby feeling pretty bad and disappointed with the whole Workcover system which he had never had to use before.  He now swears he will never make a claim under it again either lol.  They have basically twisted everything his doctor said and have issued him with these orders to return to work in a capacity which severely limits his job and breaches everything the doctor/physio have said.  We now have to fight to get the correct things to be done.  On top of this his main boss has blown his gasket and is now saying that Hubby isn't doing his job properly YADA YADA YADA, regardless of the fact that for the last 6 weeks he has barely been able to do his job anyway due to health issues!!  I could just scream right now.  It is all so ridiculous.

So anyway, away from my frustrations, and back to the blog.  In the last 6 weeks I have read quite a few blogs, just haven't had the energy to put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard.  Reading other people's blogs has got me thinking.  I want to totally revamp my life and in doing that revamp this blog.  I have been wanting to be more self sufficient, less wasteful etc for quite a while now.  And while I have made little changes, I feel that I need to do more.  I have been feeling like I am just drowning in life with all the things I want to do.

My hubby and I have decided that we will stay in this house and make it our home.  We have been wanting to move to the country, preferably interstate but we both know that at this point in our lives, with exwives/husbands and kids involved that we just can't do it without upsetting everyone and causing yet more headaches, both for us and the kids.  At the end of the day we love our kids to bits and don't want to force them to make a choice between their parents, that just wouldn't be fair to them.  So for now we will stay put, we will make this house our home.  It will never be quite what we want but we think if we put the effort in it will be at least semi-functional for what we are after.  We want to turn our yard into a large veggie/fruit garden.  I still want a nice outdoor area but I think between the front and the back I can strike a balance between pretty garden and productive garden.  My front yard will homefully become a mix of flowering plants and shrubs interspersed with vegetables and a couple of fruit trees.  The back yard fence line will become home to a couple of grape vines, kiwi fruit, blueberry, raspberry and possibly blackberry.  We already have a tangerine, peacharine and orange tree so they will all be planted and we will also get a couple of apple and possibly pears.

We are finally about to start painting the house.  My aim is to fully complete one room at a time.  So to me that means to get the new curtains that we desperately need room by room and also some of the rooms need new floor coverings so we will do that too.  It is going to take quite a long tiime for us to save up to do these things but we figure if we do it slowly we will get there.  I want a house my children are proud to call home, not the dumping ground that I feel it has turned into over the last year or two.  Not that my house is by any means a total pigsty, I just feel that it is far from being something that I am proud to have people come into.  Any time there is a knock on the door, I quickly scan the house and think "oh geez, do I have to answer the door right now??".  It really is a house of excess, we have decluttered so much and yet we still have so much too.  When two families become one it is only natural that the "stuff" within the walls blows out of proportion.  We have donated so much to charity, we have binned so much too.  We have a tool shed and a huge shelf in the carport and an alcove full of stuff that is to be listed online for sale.  This alone is overwhelming.

Anyway I have gotten off topic yet again,,,this is going to be one long post!!  I'm so sorry for that.  Verbal diahorrea at its best lol.

My point was that I want this blog to become something more.  I want to use it to show off the things we do, my cooking, my house, my craft things.  Do I start a new blog or just convert this one?  I did start a new blog but I need people to look at it lol.  I kinda feel like it just sits in the blogosphere and I'm the only one that goes into it when I want to show a friend my latest scrapbooking lol.  I want to be a successful blogger lol......I know get the violins out....

I will now shut up and actually go and have a think about this blog and work out what to do with it......See ya soon!!!