Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 22 diet results....

We are back on track yay! 

Hubby lost 0.5kg bringing his total to 5.5kgs
I lost 200 grams bringing my total to 3.8kgs.

Not sure what will happen tomorrow as I was out on a school excursion with Mr11 today and lunch and recess were provided.  Luckily it was pretty healthy with lots of fresh fruit and a 6 inch subway roll for lunch.  The only downside was the one I picked up was a pizza one which naturally contained salami.  I thought I had grabbed the turkey, oh well these things happen.  I also had an Anzac cookie for recess.  But I did stick with drinking water and not the juice they had on offer so I was a good girl.

The excursion today was to a "Carbon Kids Workshop".  About 30 year 5 and 6's from my son's school got to go and there were about 6 other schools there too.  They got scientists from the CSIRO to talk about carbon and climate change and the production and effect of BioChar.  It wasn't bad but I did feel that it was a little too advanced for 10 and 11 year olds and it really shouldn't have been so much sitting and listening to speakers, but more hands on stuff.  We were there for 5 hours and approximately 3.5 of those we were seated in an auditorium listening to them speaking.  The kids all wanted to do stuff, but thankfully they were a really well behaved bunch of kids and the teachers didn't have to do any disciplining so that was great.  I believe though the kids should have been given ideas for things they could do and achieve within their schools/homes to help them become greener individuals, not learn about the production of a product to help with agriculture.  They just couldn't really relate to alot of what was said because they are all suburban kids.  Talks should have been about backyard gardening and recycling for their age group!

Oh well, I know the teachers were a little disappointed too, so at least it wasn't just me lol.

Tonight Hubby and I have a night to ourselves as the boys are at their Dad's and his kids have returned to Mum.  A nice quiet night with a nice bowl of homemade soup in front of the tv sounds good.  I am feeling very drained right now and I'm kinda glad I don't have to deal with homework and lunchboxes this afternoon.  I think a coffee sitting out in some fresh air is in order.  Today we have been stuck inside way too much.

Picture borrowed from JadeKeller.com
Have a lovely night everyone!

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