Monday, March 19, 2012

2 weeks finished of our Diet Regime - Week 2 results......

I know that I haven't updated for a couple of days.  Hubby was away Friday afternoon till Saturday night in Melbourne for work.  His diet got a little off track and by Sunday morning weigh in he had gained 900 grams (just goes to show what beer can do to you!, even though he only had two he says).  Saturday night we went down to the Adelaide Fringe Festival and treated ourselves to a comedy show.  It had Will Anderson in it and it was a real laugh, so glad we went.  Of course, we were also faced with a barrage of take away food, of which we had to choose something to have for dinner.  Hubby was naughty and got some  hot chips and we shared a small pizza.  The pizza, wasn't actually too bad for a pair of dieting people.  The base was very thin and light and there wasn't a huge amount of toppings and very little cheese.  It wasn't at all greasy which was good.  So Pizza and chips it was.  We did only have a bottle of water with it so it wasn't all bad lol.  I thought I would hate myself the next morning lol, but amazingly I actually still managed to lose 100 grams that day!

So at the end of week 2 our results are:

Hubby has lost 4.5kgs and 22.5 cms all up, although week 2 saw a total loss of only 200 grams and a gain of 1cms in  his body.
I have lost 3.2kgs and 19cms all up, week 2 saw a total loss of 300 grams and 8.5cms from my body.

We are hoping week 3 gives us a bit better results on the scales.  This week we are using our Vibration Machine as our chosen exercise equipment.  I'm not expecting huge results from this machine.  We got this when we bought our treadmill and I have to say that it hasn't had much use, I think I have dusted it more times than it has been used.  I like it as a wind down at the end of the day.  It does help to loosen up your muscles but as a weight loss tool, I'm a little sceptical I must admit.  But in the name of helping Mr17, I am willing to give it a go, I mean what do have to lose really?? lol.

Day 15 of the diet has us eating:

Breakfast - Spaghetti/Baked Beans on Rye Bread
Lunch - Ham/Salad Sandwich
Dinner - Stirfry chicken and veggies with a little homemade fried rice

I have been finding our snacks are hit and miss.  Sometimes we have them, other times we don't.  I haven't been finding myself all that hungry the last few days so I have just been grabbing a small handful (about 8-10) grapes at night and nibbling on those.

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