Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 18-21 Diet results - Weekend Catchup Soccer Season Kicks Off

Okay I'm a little behind in the diet results aren't I....whoops!
Day 18
Hubby lost 100 grams
I lost 300 grams

Day 19
Hubby lost 900 grams (evil eyes were given again lol)
I lost 300 grams

Day 20
Hubby gained 300 grams
I gained 100 grams

Day 21
Hubby gained 100 grams
I lost/gained 0 grams

Measurements for this week show hubby gained 1.5cms and I lost 4cms

So our total losses for the 3 weeks have been:
Hubby lost 5.0kgs and 21.0cms
I lost 3.6kgs and 23cms

Overall we are happy with the results we are achieving.  I haven't lost much in weight in the last 2 weeks (only 700 grams) but in that time I have lost 12.5cms from my body.  As long as that continues I'm not so fussed about numbers on scales.  Hubby for whatever reason seems to be gaining cms each week.  This week I admit he gained it in his arms mainly so I am guessing that is due to him lifting heavy boxes at work, having said that, it may be simply a matter of us not measuring in the exact same spot each week.  As everyone knows you measure up or down your leg in just a slightly different spot, you will get a different number.

Also this week has seen soccer season kick off for Mr15 and Mr11's kicks off next weekend.  Our lives are now officially sports driven with soccer occupying 6 days a week!  Mr15 bought home his season schedule on Friday night and I was a little (okay alot!) disheartened to see that his games kick off at 8.45am and we need to be at the ovals by 8am on Sunday mornings.  There goes Saturday night movie nights for the next 22 weeks!  Normally we watch a family movie with everyone and then the younger guys go to bed and we watch a M rated movie with the older 2, so it is often 1am by the time we get to bed.  One of his games is down South which is a good hour's drive away so that is going to be a killer I tell ya lol!  I am grateful though that this year he has a few games against Port Pirie which is a decent 2 hour drive for us.  Those games have been moved to 1pm,,,,yay!!!!  Best we start saving for the cost of the fuel to get there the way petrol prices are going!

Yesterday Mr15 played against "The Cove" team.  Sadly he lost 4-1.  They did play a pretty good game though and they could all walk away with their heads held high.  They are pretty much a newly formed team this year with only about 4-5 kids having stayed from last year.  They also have a new coach so it is going to take a little while to gel together.

Yesterday afternoon we drove over to the outer perimeter of the Parafield Airport (this is a small airport just north of Adelaide and only about 5 minutes from where I live) to watch an Airshow they had on yesterday.  We had Mr11 with Autism with us so we couldn't stay too long but the kids got to see a few planes doing their acrobatics which was pretty cool.  There was no way we were going to pay to go to the Airshow, they were charging $25 for adults and something like $12-15 for children.  That I thought, was a little over the top!  I was disappointed I forgot to take the camera,,,,,,I am shocking for this lol, I always forget!!!!

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They are great results you two, I keep forgeting the camera too :)