Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 16 of our Diet

Yesterday we decided to make a home made fried rice, which was meant to be for the kids to have with their chicken tonight style dinner.  Hubby and I were supposed to be eating the plain boiled rice for dinner but we were naughty and decided to treat ourselves to a little of the fried rice instead.........big mistake as far as the scales went today lol.  But we are back on track today and determined that this week is going to be better than the last!  I'm still happy with last week, I mean a loss is a loss and although I didn't lose much in the weight area, I still lost centimetres and that is the main thing.  My body is shrinking and I am happy!  Hubby didn't have a good week in either area but that was to be expected when he basically had 4 meals in a row that were take away variety.  He moaned that he only lost 200 grams until I pointed out that I was home the whole week eating well and even I only lost 300 grams.

I think it is good that we are doing this for Mr17 primarily because if we had been just doing it for us, we may well have thrown in the towel by now after the results we have been getting.  This time though we are looking at the long term picture and the daily weigh ins show us how different foods affect us.......like yesterday for example.  That fried rice we ate, we both ate more than we should have, we knew it at the time and this morning we definitely knew it.

Day 15 results are:
Hubby gained 800 grams
I gained 300 grams

Not good results but not earth shatteringly surprising either.  But its okay, today we are back on track and we will see how we go.  Tonight for dinner we are deliberately staying away from Carbs to try and push our results back in the other direction.

Today's menu:
Breakfast:  Weetbix with milk, almonds, grapes and strawberries
Lunch:  Tuna Melt
Dinner:  Steak and Slaw

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