Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 1 of our Health and Fitness Regime.........OH BOY!!!

Well here we are, Monday March 5 and our first day on our Health and Fitness Journey.  My Mr17 did ask if we wanted to delay it for a week as he hadn't had his contract actually approved by the teacher as yet as she had been sick last week.  Since Hubby and I had already worked out a meal plan for the week, we have decided that today is the day anyway.  This week we will just start the diet but not start the exercise regime until next week.

The first 4 days of the "Flat Belly Diet" are an Anti Bloat Detox anyway so naturally you do lose a little more in those first 4 days than is normal.  Therefore, in some ways it probably makes sense to start the exercise next week to give a more accurate assessment of how effective each exercise is or isn't.

Hubby and I did do a couple of weeks on this diet at the beginning of last year.  Its not a bad diet to follow, although we found those first 4 days pretty tough in places.  Personally, I didn't mind it except for breakfast, I hated breakfast and that hasn't changed over the past year lol.  I'm not a huge breakfast fan at the best of times but these breakfasts.....well lets just say I really struggle lol.  They are huge and very filling and I don't really like them.

You see, breakfast this morning was Weeties with applesauce, milk and sunflower seeds.  Not just a sprinkle of sunflower seeds mind you,,,,,,nooooo way,,,,,it was a 1/4 of a cup of sunflower seeds!!!  I confess that I don't really like sunflower seeds and would never choose to eat them generally.  The first 4 days of this diet has me eating a whole cup of the things plus four extra tablespoons at snack time.

On top of this you are supposed to drink this concoction they call "Sassy Water".  Last year we didn't have this as neither of us could imagine drinking it.  This year we decided to just make up a batch and see how you go.  You are supposed to drink a glass of it with each meal.  Well we made it up last night and poured ourselves a glass at breakfast.  Hubby got through 2 mouthfuls before declaring that there was no way he was going to drink it.  I got through my glass full (well minus the bits the kids had to try lol) and I just don't know if I will be able to do that again.  I'm definitely a plain water person, normally I don't even like the slice of lemon that restaurants put into your water and quickly pull it out when served it.  This water has lemon, cucumber, mint and ginger and lets just say it is definitely a taste you either love or hate.

It has now been two hours since breakfast and I can safely say that I have no desire whatsoever to eat, I am really full.  I truly do dread tomorrow morning and having to do a similar scenario again, but its in the name of health and losing weight and helping out my boy so it will be done!

I have seen various reviews on this diet and I definitely wouldn't call it a miracle diet and I doubt that at the end of the 32 days I will be 7 kgs lighter  but I am willing to give it a go.  Last year we stuck at it for about 2.5 weeks (after that time life just got in the way and it became too hard juggling kids meals and our own) and during that time I lost about 3kgs from memory although I recall that I lost about 1.9kgs in the first couple of days so after that it was pretty slow going.  I don't want super fast weight loss but I want to see some results for all our efforts.  

I do believe that recording my results and writing down what we eat will be the kick up the bum I will need to see this through.  I'm not brave enough to share my weight and measurements online but I will keep up with how much I have lost/gained each day and also fluctuations in my measurements each week.  Hubby and I took measurements of our upper arms, upper thighs, hips, waist and chest.

I did have a couple of other things to say but I think I have rambled on long enough lol.  I shall return tomorrow to let you know how we are going!  Have a great day everyone.


Niki said...

Go girl. Your a great Mum. Goodluck & I hope you have some fantastic results. It always amazes me what Mum's can do for their kids, but not for ourselves. Funny isn't it. I wish you and hubby all the best.

sureshagf said...

Nice blog for "Flat Belly Diet" go naturally you do lose a little more in those first 4 days than is normal.