Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 7 of the Diet and a little weekend blog reading

Today's Diet updates are:

Hubby lost 300grams bringing his total to 4.2kgs
I lost 100 grams bringing my total to 2.2kgs

Meals today were/are:

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs with toast, lettuce, tomato and avocado

Lunch - Ham and salad sandwich with a banana

Dinner - Mince and Veggie Pasta

Its measurement night tonight,,,,I'm scared!!

Also this weekend I have been sneaking a peek at a few of your blogs and adding to my already expansive blog list from your blog lists,,,,does that make sense? lol.  Its not like I really need a bigger blog list to look at but I'm just hopeless!!  I love reading blogs,,,maybe I just need a life???? lol


Tania @ Out Back said...

Geez I am starting to feel guilty about what I have been putting in my mouth lately...All this healthy food talk has me knowing I need to get back to eating that what is good for me lol!

It has been beautiful weather this weekend. We spent the day outside yesterday having a tidy up of our yard, it was well in need of that! Today I plan to start washing my windows :)


Niki said...

OK that looks doable. I like my toast & sandwiches. I could do this I think. Its the snacking in between I would struggle with. On the veggie patch, my hubby made those tin beds because the ones at Bunnings etc were going to cost a fortune. So he got some tin & wood & knocked some up himself. Saved so much money & he just made them as he went, not all at once. Gotta say though the heatwave in WA at moment has all but killed off anything in them. Hope you have some luck getting hubby to build some for you. Mine often needs a sharp swift kick to get him going, I find it works wonders.