Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 5 Health and Fitness Regime

Today marks the end of our Anti Bloat diet,,,,,no more sunflower seeds Yay!!!

This morning's weight in results were:

Hubby lost 500grams bringing his total weight loss for 4 days to 3.8kgs
I lost another 200grams bringing my total weight loss for 4 days to 2.0kgs.

Pretty good totals.  This would be a great little mini diet to do if you wanted to lose just a little for a special occasion.  We haven't measured so don't know if it shows in the measurement side of things or not.  We will be measuring up on Sunday night again so it will be interesting.

Today starts the part of the "normal" Flat Belly Diet.  The meals go from 1200 calories a day up to 1600 calories a day. 

For breakfast we had Baked Beans/Spaghetti (I hate baked beans lol) on toast with an apple.

Lunch was Tuna and cheese on toast.
Dinner will be Steak spread with Dijon Mustard served with coleslaw which gets dressed in a balsamic viniagrette dressing.
Our snack tonight will be Ryvita Crackers with peanut butter and a fresh pear.

I remember that this was the part of the diet where my weight loss dropped right off,,,,at times to the point of stopping altogether.  This time thought I will keep going as it is for Mr17's assignment (this is a great motivational tool I tell you lol, I will feel really guilty if I don't stick at it!!).

Monday sees the exercise side of things kick in.  For the week of 12-18 March we will be walking at least 45 minutes a day.  Mr17 is wanting to see how different exercises impact on weight loss.  Each exercise session will be between 30-60 minutes.  We will attempt to keep our calorie intake to approximately 1600 calories a day for the rest of the time we are on this "plan".  We will most likely be trying out different meal plans etc along the way or we may just make it up as we go for the last half, we haven't worked that bit out "officially" yet.

The first 4 days have gone pretty well.  We are getting into the right headspace now and are looking at it as a total lifestyle change rather than something we have just taken on for 6 months.  We are hoping that slowly but surely we can bring the kids on board with us.  Even though our family's diet isn't too bad generally, we want to cut back the amount of meat they eat and get more veggies into their diets.

I'd say definitely the worst part of being on a diet with a family to feed is the shopping and meal planning,,,,I shopped for the next 5 days today and it was a long drawn out process, I just couldn't get my head around making sure we had our food for our diet as well as making sure we had the food for the kids normal meals too aaaghhhhh!  I think I should have received a medal for the most "back tracks" while shopping.  I swear I visited some of those aisles at least 3 times lol.  My list just wasn't helping today!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,,,,it's a long weekend here in SA.  I will try to update our progress daily but if not I will definitely do a big update on Tuesday!

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Tania @ Out Back said...

Sounds good Colleen! I bet you are all starting to feel a whole lot better :)

I dropped my calorie intake to 1200 per day and that's when I lost my weight...I have to keep it in check these days and definitely watch what I eat :)