Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 6 of Diet

Just a very quick post today just to do my updates.

Results from day 5 are a little dismal, but it is our first day on the 1600 calorie a day part of the diet and we also had a cup of coffee and a glass of diet coke.

Hubby lost 100 grams bringing his total to 3.9kgs
I lost 100 grams also bringing my total to 2.1kgs

Yesterday also, due to it being a very rushed kind of day we didn't get to eat dinner until 8.30pm and we missed our snack for the day.

On the Flat Belly Diet Anti Bloat part (the first 4 days) we weren't allowed salt, soft drinks, coffee etc.  So yesterday we treated ourselves.,,,,,,may not have been such a great idea.  Also yesterday we chose meals that contained bread at each one and of course missing our snack may have also stuffed things up a little.  We will try to stay more focused today and see what happens, its all a matter of tweaking it to suit us I think,,,,we shall see lol.

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