Thursday, May 31, 2012

Painting/Tiling/Packing Boxes,,,,are we having fun yet????

I feel like life is a whirlwind right now.  Hubby has tiled half the kitchen,,,,,typical isn't it that we had this new kitchen of ours installed 4.5 years ago and now that we are going to move it is finally getting tiled lol!!  He still has one wall left to do and then we can get the grouting done. 

I have painted out the main lounge/Mr11 with Autism's bedroom.  We have decided that when we get the carpet laid in there (we pulled the carpet up late last year due to many "accidents" by said Mr11) that we will change it back into our main lounge and Mr11 can bunk down in the family room like he used to when he became too much of a challenge being in with one of the other kids (think waking before light and refusing to go back to sleep, hence waking up other child in room,,,that kind of thing lol).  Since we pulled the carpet up we have had the bare ugly concrete sitting there adding to the already ugly room.  Well it now looks a little better with a fresh coat of paint and we will leave it as long as we can before we move the rooms around.  We figure we will put the carpet down just before the house goes up for sale.

There have been so many other things I have needed to do this week that the painting has taken a back seat but this weekend will hopefully see me get Mr15's bedroom and hopefully the hallway painted through.  That will leave 2 small bedrooms, our bedroom and the family room and a bathroom left to paint.  The ceilings are just going to get small touch ups here and there as they aren't too bad, I just want to hide a few obvious marks.

I have started packing boxes up....who knew we owned so many books!!!!  I have boxes of books sitting in the family room right now.  We now have to decide what we are going to do with all the boxes I am packing up.  I need the house to look uncluttered and I feel that I am just adding clutter lol.  We may have to pay for a storage facility of some kind to hold these boxes in.  We have already decided on a few pieces of furniture which definitely won't be making the journey and we are hoping to just put them out the front of the house with a big "FREE" label on them and someone will take them,,,,,,our house is amazing for getting rid of things from so that is a bonus!

I have been feeling a little excited as I have packed the boxes but the fact that we have no real idea of where we will be living is a little scary.  We have seen a few houses we have liked but of course since they are interstate and we don't have anyone we can call on to go and look at them for us, it has been a bit hard.  Of course those same houses are always the ones that seem to be getting sold quite quickly, grrrrr.  We are hoping to be able to make a short trip over there next week to have a look at one house in particular we like alot, (hopefully we find a few more we might like to look at before then too) and also to have a sticky beak at the local schools as well.

As far as kids go, well it hasn't been easy.  My eldest boy keeps putting off when he will be coming over.  At first it was as soon as Year 12 finishes, then it became after a trip they have planned for his Duke of Ed Award, then it was when Mr15 finishes school,,,,,now it has shifted to the end of January when his Dad,,,hopefully fingers crossed,,,,comes over.  I am wondering if his Dad doesn't come over, if he will come over at all,,,,,something I am trying not to think about!!

Okay I gotta go pack more boxes!

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