Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And so the culling begins!

Well I have to start somewhere, I need to feel in control of something right now so I have started in the carport,,,,,our main storage/dumping ground for stuff we have nowhere else to put, and stuff that I think about selling on Ebay etc.

So far I have gone through Hubby's sister's boxes of stuff (why we have these still here I don't know lol but that is a whole different story!), I have condensed her stuff from 2 boxes down to 1 plus a photo album.  Then I had 2 boxes of my dear Mum's ornaments that have sat in the carport for 3 years since she moved into the nursing home.  These were hard to deal with but I have culled them and only kept the pieces that I know where precious to her and the ones that I would like to use in our new house if we have the space.  The cheaper little knick knack type of ones are going to the op shop.  I just can't hang on to everything.

It will be very hard leaving my mum.  Even though she is so lost in her own dementia  world these days, she still does remember me and always has a smile when I go to see her.  These days you can't hold a conversation with her as she just talks about stuff that makes no sense but to see the occasional smile on her face reassures me that she is at least happy in a way.  Leaving with the knowledge that it may be the last time I see her will hurt big time, it hurts enough leaving her there each time I visit, but knowing that I'm not just a short drive away will be a major deal for me :(   It feels like we are all deserting her.  One of my other brothers moved to country Victoria last year, now me this year.  It will leave one brother here to handle things while the rest of us are flung all throughout the eastern states of Australia.

Just another joy of life I suppose.

OK back to the boxes,,,,,,,,,why did we ever keep so much crap??????????? lol


Becky said...

"OK back to the boxes,,,,,,,,,why did we ever keep so much crap??????????? lol"

LOL... I asked myself that EVERY day. I dread the day we have to move but I am in the hopes our son will move out on his own... SOON (he will be 26 this year - it's PAST time) and I will cull from my house into his dwelling and he can deal with it from there. LOL... if he doesn't want something I will give it to Goodwill. HAPPY SORTING!

Joolzmac said...

Think of it more as a cleansing than a culling process... feel good about getting rid of the crap.


Tania @ Out Back said...

Lots of thoughts arising for you Colleen. There is a lot to think about especially when all that is happening is something that you aren't sure about. The trouble is you just cant keep everyone happy, as much as you would like to, but you have your own life to live too :)

Happy sorting :)


Anonymous said...

Must be hard thinking of moving away from your Mum....hugs xx