Friday, May 4, 2012

Thank you for the support everyone :)

I just wanted to pop in today and say a big thank you for the support and best wishes given to me over the last few days.  Blog land is an awesome place and it is always nice that we are always there for each other to lend support when needed,,,,,,believe it or not that still amazes me how this happens lol.

My head is spinning and I just feel like I have no clue what to do with myself right now.  Hubby wants to make the move as he has been applying for jobs for the last few months and nothing has eventuated.  He is still applying now but his opinion on this whole thing is that if he doesn't get offered a job in the next couple of weeks before he needs to make his mind up on this Melbourne thing, then he needs to take the job offer in Melbourne.  I see his reasoning, he doesn't want it to come to the point where we lose the house because he can't find work.  I could get a job but, having been out of the workforce for the past 13 years, it certainly wouldn't be high enough wages to keep us afloat.

I want to tell the kids as I am usually pretty open and honest about things with them but Hubby wants to hold off until we have made our decision,,,,,I feel that it is their lives that are going to be most affected by this and they should be able to voice an opinion too.

The thought of moving my youngest two to a new environment just does my head in.  Neither of them make friends easily and I feel that now they are finally settled in school, we may have to rip them out and force them to start over,,,,,,that thought alone brings tears to my eyes. 

My older two boys, I already know won't want to go, particularly Mr15.  Naturally even the fact that he can still talk to his mates on Xbox Live won't help the fact either I don't think,,,it won't be enough.  My Mr17 is laid back and easy going and I know he would say yes no matter how much heartbreak it would involve but realistically I couldn't move him before the end of the year so he could at least finish his Year 12 studies, therefore he would have to stay behind with his Dad for at least a few months.......another thought that makes me cry :(

Then we get to Hubby's kids, crap I don't even know where to start on that one.  There is no solution.  Knowing what Hubby's ex is like regarding Miss13 it is going to be very hard.  As far as Mr11 with Autism goes that may be even harder.  He goes to a special school,,,,I haven't even looked into special schools in Melbourne yet.  I have a feeling that if we decide to go we will be given the ultimatum of we either take him or else.

I probably should be painting today.  Regardless of whether we go or not, the house needs a paint and if we do go, well it needs to be done quick smart!  But I don't have it in me right now.  If we do go, I know that I don't want to move twice.  Even though the Boss has offered to pay our rent for 6 months, I am adamant that I will not make the kids move schools a second time.  We would need to find an area and find a house in that area which fits our needs.  If we did rent we would have to buy in the same area.  Hubby tells me I am being unreasonable but I know my kids and he isn't the one that has to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of new schools.  Am I being unreasonable on that one?????

I might spend my day today researching schools and houses and see what comes up.  Hubby knows how against this I am and he knows that of all the states in Australia, Victoria, well suburban Victoria at least is the last choice on my list equal with suburban Sydney.  I said I would have been happy to move to Queensland or Perth or even Tassie, but if I was to move to Vic or NSW, then it would have to be country areas.  Sadly with the hours that he will be working it realistically needs to be within about half hour or so drive from Dandenong and fit our budget which isn't that large aaaghhhh.

Sorry for rambling yet again,,,,,,3 days in a row of rambles lol that is so bad!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I hope to come back a little more clear headed on Monday!!!

Here's a song for the weekend,,,my Mr10's favourite at the moment.  Enjoy!!

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