Thursday, May 3, 2012

Always trust Women's Intuition!!!!!!!

Well, he came, he spoke, he left us floundering.......
Yep seems I was 100% right with what I said.  The "boss" (believe me that is not the word I have used about him over the last few hours!!) has decided that after throwing Hubby a lifeline back in December, that he has now withdrawn it, even though Hubby has worked his butt off over the last 5 months and this branch is now beginning to grow each month.  He wants to close the branch on June 30.  He then wants hubby to start work in Melbourne on August 1.

I just don't know what to do right now.  I know that Hubby would like to take the job.  He has been applying for jobs here since December and has had no success.  Since he moved to Australia from NZ back in 2001 he has only really been in the one industry and sadly that industry is hard to find jobs in his area of work.  He is worried that if he doesn't take the offer, we will be left with no income at all.

If we decide to go to Melbourne though, that gives us just 3 months to get this house ready for sale (think a total repaint, inside and out), get the kitchen tiling done (of course we have finally decided on tiles we like and bought them just last week!), get new flooring in the front room which currently is bare concrete and get the gardens looking a heck of a lot nicer than they do right now and of course a total declutter of every room in the house.

Then of course we come to the kids.  My 4 boys would be forced to leave their Dad behind, that I know will break hearts.  Mr17 is doing year 12, he has his graduation coming up in July, he has exams later in the year and he currently has a "love interest" and some great friends that he won't want to leave either.

Mr15, well he just will not want to move.  He loves his school, his friends, his soccer.

Mr11 has finally settled in to school after taking 6 whole years to do it.  This is the first year where I haven't had to fight him to go to school.  He has finally settled in and made friends, he has just started playing soccer this year and he loves his karate class.

Mr10 has a really close friend and enjoys school too now.  He doesn't make changes very well and I know that if he was forced to move schools it would be many mornings of tears and throwing up (yes that is how much he cries!)

As for Hubby's kids......well Miss13 is a Mummy's girl through and through and I very much doubt that she would come with us (even if she wanted to I don't think her mother would allow it!).

Mr11 with Autism,,,,,well what can I say,,,,,I know that I can't look after him full time (and hubby's new job would mean more hours so the care would fall more on my shoulders).  If he stays here though (and I doubt very much his mother would allow that), we can't just stick him on a plane with his sister to come and visit in school holidays, he needs a carer to travel with, so that would mean hubby flying/driving over here picking them up and coming back,,,,,,,and this new job is the same money as we are on now, so there is no pay rise involved so there definitely will not be the money available to send kids back and forth every few months and naturally that would also mean an increase in the child support we already pay.

On top of all that is the fact that we don't know anyone in Melbourne, not a soul (well hubby knows the guys he works with but at the end of the day he has only met them a couple of times they aren't "friends" as such). 

The boss has offered to pay our moving costs and then 6 months rent to a max of $2000 a month.  Obviously I wouldn't want to go backwards but on looking at rental prices in Melbourne for an equivalent house size to ours, we just aren't going to be able to do it (not to mention we have 2 dogs and 3 cats and 3 rats that would need to live with us too!)  House prices are too high in the area where we would need to buy for us to buy another house of equal size to ours.  Most people move houses to better their lives, not take a step backwards.

I am rambling on now so I am going to shut my mouth for the day and go and contemplate my navel or something equally mind numbing.

My new mantra for the day:  The sun is out, its a beautiful day!


Niki said...

Oh shit!!!
Where you go from here I don't know. I really don't. Hard one. As I have boys similar ages I know this is going to turn your family upside down, because the kids will want to stay put. They always do!
But something good will come from this. It will. I wish I could help.
I really do. Praying that something really good comes your way. Niki x

Greenie Canberra said...

Oh Bugger! You were absolutely spot on weren't you? I agree with Nikki - something good will come of this, and you'll get a reasonable rent subsidy while you get used to the place and find somewhere nice. Do you have to sell your place? Could you rent it out while the firm's paying your rent in Melbourne and bank up the surplus for a deposit on another house? Are there other jobs like hubby's in Adelaide he could go for?
Oh my gosh - what an upheaval - I really feel for you. Love your mantra. One I learnt from Anthony Robbins that might help in your current circumstance is
How can I make the best of this day/situation/challenge so that I really feel good?
Keep us up to date - we'll help somehow if we can - even if it's only with virtual hugs :)
Greenie x

Anonymous said...

Oh Lov, Big hugs to you!! Tough call.... xx

Tania @ Out Back said...

Oh boy what a dilemma Colleen. Sorry I cant offer any advise just a listening ear whenever you need. I think your head must be spinning right now...

Big, big hugs to you xx

Becky said...

OH DEAR! If the Economy is anything like it is here in the US I'd go for the job even if it means a LOT of sacrifice as my DH had to wait 2 years to find another job and it's BELOW his education, experience and pay but it pays the bills. Of course we didn't have any kids to worry about relocating. I wish you well.