Thursday, June 7, 2012

I tried to prove I have a life other than dwelling on moving lol.....

My iphone won't connect to my computer so I can retrieve some photos of my accomplishments for the week.  I wanted to share my packed boxes, my hubby's tiling efforts and my almost painted hallway.

This past week or so has seen hubby tile the entire kitchen, only the grouting remains (I am very proud of his efforts, there are a few little bits that aren't quite right but we are truly beyond caring lol, overall it is great I think).  I have painted the front lounge room, Mr15's room and have just about finished the hallway.

This weekend is a long weekend here and we plan to get stuck into the garden.  We will have  a trailer load of green waste to get rid of and probably another trailer load of general crap that needs to disappear before we place the house on the market.

We are hoping to have the place listed for sale within the next 2 weeks.

At this point we have absolutely no idea where we will be living once we leave for Melbourne.  We really need to get this place put up for sale before we can go and actually commit to anything.  To be honest the whole house thing is really getting to me.  We have only 6 weeks to sell and find somewhere to live.  We considered renting for a while but with 2 dogs, 3 cats and 2 rats to also accommodate that is proving to be a little tricky.  I am hoping this all falls into place for us, if not, I'm not sure what will happen.

In some ways though I am starting to get a little bit excited about our move.  I see many hurdles regarding kids and exes and stuff like that but I can envision life for us and I think it will be okay.  There will be so many new things to explore over there.  Life here in Adelaide is good but the kids are constantly wanting new things to explore and it is getting harder to find little pockets of the city and surrounds that we haven't already seen.  So in that regard, Melbourne offers us alot.

I am looking forward to exploring new op shops and continuing with my online selling, maybe if we have the room, trying my hand at refinishing furniture and selling that.

I also wanted to share pics of my birthday cake that my hubby made for me last week,,,,can't get those pics either grrrrrr,,,,will get hubby to weave some magic and hopefully solve the problem later lol.  I was very excited to get a new cookbook for my birthday though,,,,,,,Pioneer Woman Cooks - Food from my Frontier,,,,,yay have been wanting this one!  I have told the kids that we will be trying out some new recipes in the school holidays!

On the diet front, hubby has now lost just over 10kgs and I have lost just over 8kgs.  People are constantly commenting on his weight loss, whereas me,,,,,,no one has noticed :(  Hubby says he can see it and I know I do fit back into a few tops and my jeans are fitting better but no one has noticed, not even the kids.  Today Mr10 asked if I had lost any weight.  He said "he is looking skinny,, have you lost any weight mum?" Sheesh,,,,,,,,better keep up with the rabbit food lol.

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Niki said...

omg 8kgs is great. keep going. you sound better in this post. the excitement will slowly overtake the fear factor. all good, niki