Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We can get away with it,,,,,YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

Well finally after what seems like years but has in fact, only been a few days, we got our council searches back.  It seems our extension was council approved as a shed/rumpus room and due to a small loophole in council laws which our real estate agent intends to use at our advantage, we can list as a 5 bedroom house. 

Relief doesn't come close to what I am feeling right now I tell you lol.  It doesn't get rid of all the stress but I tell you, it is a huge weight lifted.  We still have our "alcove" area which joins the house to the extension which isn't "legal" but it has been here since before we were and honestly, unless a council inspector walks through the house they will never know.  It is basically an area that has been filled in in the 3 metre gap between the original house and the extension.  It is completely under the verandah/carport.  It is a little lower than legal height due to them laying extra cement to raise the floor up to the same height as the house and they put a sliding door in on one side leading out to the verandah and a fake wall and door on the other which goes out to the carport.  It isn't perfect as such but it has been here for more than 11 years and other than a little mould problem on the roof due to it being directly under the verandah and receving moisture build up as you would expect and a slight leaking problem on the normal door side it has been fine.  If people want to make it "legal" well they could just take the two sides and the "roof" off and you will have your open carport/verandah area back to its original state.  For us though, this little area houses the kid's computer which they use for their games and our extra fridge and our chest freezer.

I actually asked hubby last night if he was at all worried about our lack of accommodation in Melbourne.  He finally admitted that he is starting to get a little worried,,,,,finally!  4 weeks from now we will either be in Melbourne or will be driving there at the very least.  Our house is getting photographed tomorrow and will be online on Thursday.  I was researching rental properties in Melbourne in the areas of Cranbourne, Frankston and Pakenham (these are our three areas that we have been researching) and there is a distinct lack of rental properties which accept pets.  I am beginning to get very worried.  Naturally I would rather not rent, I would rather find a property we can move into which will be our "forever" or at least long term home, but we can't do that until we have  a buyer lined up for this one.  I have my fingers crossed that we will have a miracle happen and we may get lucky and have someone who falls in love with it this weekend that is also cashed up and doesn't need to wait for finance or a home sale and we can then move on with our lives and find a place to live lol,,,,,,miracles do happen right???????

I quite liked a house we saw online recently.  According to the little floorplan picture it had alot and I mean ALOT of concrete in the back yard.  I rang the real estate guy and asked if he had any more photos.  He sent us the rest of the pics he had and I just about cried.  The house was wall to wall concrete in the back yard.  I want grass for the dogs and room for my fruit trees to spread their little roots in some soil.  The real estate guy said "well you can just pull the concret up and change it to garden".......seriously,,,,,,he made it sound like it was just a matter of lifting a couple of pavers!!

The search continues........if anyone knows of someone who has an empty rental that they want lived in for 6 months or so at reasonable rates that would happily accept a large family with 2 dogs and 3 cats, let me know lol!

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