Friday, June 15, 2012

The Limbo Land of an Interstate Move

Well here we are,,,,,6 weeks and 5 days until Hubby's new job begins.  Our house still isn't on the market yet,,,,,we are aiming for next week.  Most people, I am sure, could probably have their house on the market within a week if they had to.  Not us.  We had so many little projects that we had just started and therefore have to finish or bigger projects that we have had to totally give up on and try and fix the mess that the said project created that our house still isn't up to scratch.  I know that when we put it up for sale, I still won't be happy with it but we have no choice.  We can't buy a new house until this one sells,,,,,at this point we have no idea where we will be living,,,,aagghhhhhhh!!!!!

The kitchen tiling still needs to be grouted.  It is such a huge improvement in the kitchen, but the grouting must be done this weekend!

We have decided to leave our bedroom and Mr10's room as is.  The paint jobs aren't too bad and we just don't have time to move all the furniture and get it done.  Mr10's room still has some murals which I had originally drawn on the walls ready to paint for when Mr12 with Autism was going to have that room.  The black outlines will just have to stay and hopefully anyone looking at it will actually like the idea of maybe putting a baby or young child in there.......after all, we do have Wags thte Dog, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus, Bert and Ernie and last but not least Big Bird which goes floor to ceiling!  Big Bird is the only one that has been painted in, all the rest are just black texta outlines.  Mr10 has had posters up over most of them.  This weekend the posters will be coming down.

We have nearly finished painting the family room, we only have about 2 metres left to do.  I have 2 door frames which need a second coat too.  I have 6 doors which I am meant to get painted, but whether or not that will happen, I'm not sure.....maybe we will put it on the market and they can be done after????

The front garden isn't too bad, provided we keep it all trimmed,,,,it is far from perfect but it will do.  The back garden on the other hand is pretty horrendous.  We pulled down our huge trampoline, so now it looks heaps bigger but we also had to pull out our unruly veggie garden (by veggie garden I mean a couple of pumpkin plants and nasturtiums which had completely taken over! lol)  My fruit trees are lined up in their pots waiting for their big move.  We have a couple of old tables which need to be dismantled and dumped (I had used these for my seedlings but they are really crappy and old and need to be sent to dump land, they really aren't good for anything else any more.

Last weekend we used the amazing word "FREE" in the front yard to get rid of our old bird cage, some wooden benches, a kids play set and an old door.  I sure will miss living on this road where the word free can get rid of just about anything lol.

Meanwhile, I am packing bits and pieces up, you know the stuff that we kinda never really use much but it just sits there for that "once in a blue moon" occasion lol.  I have boxes sitting in the family room, waiting for hubby to take them to work and stick them on a pallet for their journey to Melbourne.  I am trying to make sure that I don't actually pack anything we will need but I am sure there has been some stuff packed that the kids will miss long before they make an appearance in our lives again.  The pallets of our boxes will be sent to the big warehouse at Hubby's work place in Melbourne.  He will then bring home a few boxes at at time.  My plan is to have a shed of some type and anything that remains boxed after 6 months will be either op shopped or ebayed,,,,,,,I could be Ebaying for the rest of my life lol....who knew we could fill so many darn boxes!!!!

Meanwhile life events carry on.....
Tonight we celebrate Mr11 with Autism's 12th birthday.  He actually turned 12 on Sunday but he has been with his Mum so this is our night to celebrate.

Next Thursday My Mr11 turns 12 so we will have yet another celebration.

Last night Mr17 told me that he was finally officially "dating".  He has been out a few times on some group dates with a girl who lives about 20 minutes from here.  We haven't met her yet but he tells us she is really nice.  She will be his date for his Year 12 Graduation next month.  He also said that she doesn't want him to go to Melbourne and her mother has offered him a room at their house (she is an only child so there is a spare bedroom),,,,I am trying to be happy for him with his first girlfriend but this timing is sooooooo bad!!  I can sense alot of stress ahead with this if it does work out for him!

School reports came out yesterday for my youngest two.  They did pretty well, much better than last year for Mr11 and I just hope that we don't have another setback with the start of new schools in a few weeks!

I have waffled on way too long,,,,still with no photos to ease the boredom of never ending words lol.  I do promise that there will be photos in this blog's future,,,,,eventually!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Tania @ Out Back said...

Still a lot going on in your life Colleen...You will get there, keep plodding along :)


Melissa Jane said...

Exciting but so much to do. I love moving house - people think I'm mad. I hope it all goes well.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there sure is all goin on at your place...dont forget to breathe lovely xx