Friday, May 20, 2011


Today my poor Hubby has to go and have one of his lower molars pulled out.  He got an abscess under it at the beginning of the week and plucked up the courage to go to the dentist.  (Both of us are extremely terrified of dentists and it takes alot to get us there - don't worry the kids all have regular checkups though!!! lol)

Today in 2 hours time he is scheduled to have it pulled out.  I feel very nervous for him.  I have had one tooth pulled before and one that they attempted to pull but couldn't due to infection at the time causing me too much pain.  I clearly remember both events even though the successful extraction I had was about 20 years ago now and the attempted one was 2 years ago.  Thankfully the attempted one never had to have a second attempt as the antibiotics finally did the trick and the abscess never came back.

I truly feel like it is me going to have it done, I feel that nervous.  Ridiculous I know but that is my fear of the dentist lol.

He is staying brave but I can see he is concerned.  I keep telling him "you'll be fine, I've had it done and if I can do it you sure as heck can".....I can't wait till its over and done with for him!!!

Tonight I will make him a quiche as that's nice and soft and later he can have a bit of custard and icecream  (one of his favourites).  Lots of salt water mouth washes to follow over the next couple of days.

Aah the joys of life huh.......I hope everyone has a great weekend....will let you know how it goes on Monday!!!

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Dmarie said...

OUCH! I wish him well as he recovers!