Sunday, May 22, 2011

Follow up to Hubby's Tooth Extraction

Well here we are at Sunday, 2 days after the much dreaded tooth pulling.  Hubby was very nervous and heck I was nervous for him.  Why is it that no matter how long ago you endure medical procedures, when someone near and dear to you has to have similar things done, the trauma comes flooding back??

As I sat there in the waiting room with him before he got called into the dentist, I could clearly remember that pulling sensation as the dentist tried to get my tooth out,,,,,,,this was a wisdom tooth I had pulled out approximately 20 years ago!!!  It was like it happened yesterday!

When Hubby got called in, I couldn't sit there and wait for him, I had to get up and go for a walk.  I arrived back 15 minutes later, not really wanting to go trudging through the nearby shops, I decided sitting and looking through a magazine would have to suffice.  Amazingly no sooner had I picked up the magazine than the door opened and out came Hubby.  I said "how was it?, are you okay?",,,,through the mouthful of gauze he mumbled "it was okay".  Turns out that it was no where near as bad as he thought and it only took 4-5 tugs to get the tooth out.  He has had pretty minimal pain and it seems to have been a pretty straight forward procedure which hopefully he won't have to suffer any more from.  He is still on his antibiotics to kill the infection but is managing fine with a couple of Panadol a day for pain relief.

Most important of all my poor baby is on the mend and that is all that matters!!!!!

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Serena Mcelyea said...

Haha, that was funny! Even though were old, we still fear the drilling and pulling the dentists do. And they still hurt! Haha! Anyways congrats to your hubby! I wish the best for him and to your teeth too! We know what to do now to keep our teeth healthy! :)