Monday, May 30, 2011

Devastated - my precious birthday gift lost the same day I got it

It was my birthday on Saturday,,,,,,,41 years I have roamed this earth lol.  I'm still not sure how I feel about being 41, but I guess there isn't a single darn thing we can do about it!!  Life is flying by so fast and some days I feel that I'm not making the most of it.  I truly feel like we are simply treading water in our lives lately and it is annoying me immensely.

Anyway, on Saturday it was just me and Hubby for most of the day as my Ex had the boys and Hubby's kids were with their mum this weekend.  The boys came home at about 8.30 Saturday night.  So Saturday was just hubby and I's time to just relax.  We decided to go to a shopping centre that hubby had never been to before for just a browse and some lunch.  Before we left Hubby gave me my present from him,,,,it was a beautiful bracelet which looked like this.....

Sterling silver with cubic zirconias.  I loved it, it was sparkly and girly and well it came from my darling man so it was just perfect in my eyes because he chose it with love.  We headed out and got a lovely lunch of  fish, chips and salad which was just delicious and then went for a browse around the shops.  We had been there about an hour or so when I went to pick up something only to notice that my beautiful bracelet was missing.  We retraced our steps back through the shops, to where I last remembered looking at my arm and knowing it was securely in place.  NOTHING......I left my name and number with all the store owners in the hope that it would show up.  I left my name and  number with centre management just in case too.  But honestly, how many people these days are honest when they find things like that????  I am going to go and see the store that hubby bought it from to complain about the catches on these bracelets.  I know that it was securely done up as I checked it a gazillion times.  (Having said this I know that they will just say "well you mustn't have had it done up properly",,,,,these big stores never accept that their products are faulty!!)  Hubby got it at a good price he said, but that doesn't excuse the fact that this week it is back up closer to its normal price and other people will buy them and more than likely have the same thing happen.  Geez it isn't as  though I was waving my arm around, shaking it to death.  I was simple walking through the shopping mall!!!  There is no way that catch should have come undone.  It is a two part clasp, one of those that you kinda push together and then it had the little locking mechanism on the outside as well

Needless to say I am totally devastated.  It destroyed the rest of my birthday.  We left the shopping centre and I came in tears, feeling totally horrible about the whole situation. 

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