Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Homemade Muesli Bar Goodness

Yesterday afternoon I felt inspired to try out a recipe I have had for a while now.  I don't remember where it came from but have a feeling it was found on some sort of thrifty website.  My kids love muesli bars and as you can imagine it normally costs quite a bit to give them one each day in their lunch boxes.  Here in Australia the bulkiest box of muesli bars you can buy is normally 24.  I, however, being the cheapskate that I am when it comes to groceries lol, buy the Homebrand type which cost me approx $2.69 for a box of 12.  So for us, that box will only last 2 days and that just doesn't thrill me at all.

So yesterday I finally decided to take a chance and try this recipe.  I started throwing everything into the bowl....
OK oats, chocolate chips, coconut, all good so far.....I desperately wanted to add the specified dried fruit but Hubby and I had munched out on the last that we had in the house last night, oh well.

Then came the "wet" ingredients....peanut butter, check, honey, check....oh darn......I ran out of honey!!  Instead of the required 3/4 of a cup I only had about a 1/4.  So after raiding the cupboards, determined I was not going to have to do a dash to the shop just for honey, I came across my Golden Syrup which was nearing empty as well, oh well I measured it up and I had just enough.  Not quite the same taste but today it was going to have to do (both honey and golden syrup have now been added to the shopping list lol).

Now the fun part, mixing it altogether....I didn't take a photo of this bit because it was kinda messy lol.  It took quite a bit of mixing power to get this lot all mixed together believe me.  Peanut butter doesn't like to cooperate sometimes!!!! lol

Finally though it was all mixed and smoothed out into the baking tray....

Into the oven with it for 45 minutes.  My oven is far from trustworthy though so I was fully expecting it to take alot longer.....

And then, after the required 45 minutes I had a look and guess what, it looked like it was pretty much good to go.  I took  it out and sliced it in the tray and then left it to cool completely.  This is part of the result, I ended up with 2 containers after everyone had had a taste test.  Not bad for something that took only 10-15 minutes to mix up!!

The result was actually rather delicious.  Next time I will definitely use the honey rather than the golden syrup as you can really taste the golden syrup in them, but overall they have been a crowd pleaser and each of the kids has one in their lunchbox today instead of the shop bought ones.  (Well all except Mr14 who hates chocolate, will have to make another batch with some dried fruit instead)  Yayyy!!

Another recipe that will be staying around and getting made regularly, I love i t when that happens!!!  Next time I will leave them in the oven a little longer as these are quite soft but that is the only real fault I can find.  Here is the recipe if you would like to give it a go too!!

4 Cups instant rolled oats
3/4 Cup chocolate chips
3/4 Cup dessicated coconut
3/4 Cup chopped dried fruit 
3/4 Cup honey
3/4 Cup peanut butter
milk as needed

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl, adding small amounts of milk until the dough begins to stick together.
Press the mixture into a well greased baking tray.
Bake at 160 degrees celcius (325F) for 45 minutes or until the edges just start to brown.
Cut into desired sizes while still hot but do not remove from pan until completely cool.

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