Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chocolate cures everything right???? and Art of Crochet Square Number 3

This is what I bought this morning because I am sad.....

no not the biscuit barrel, the Lindt Chocolate Bunny.  I know it isn't easter any more but he was marked down to $1.37 in Coles and when I am feeling down in the dumps I often get tempted by chocolate.

Why am I feeling so sad?  Because Hubby has gone away for work, yet another spur of the moment thing that he had to do.  I hate it when he has to travel but even more so when he comes home from work one day saying he has to be gone by 5am the following morning.  So he left at 5am this morning to be able to catch a 6.15am flight to Queensland.  He will be back at about 6.30pm Saturday night.  I hate how companies just have no consideration for family life and don't seem to realise or quite frankly, even care just how much of an upheaval these spur of the moment trips make on a family.  Because of this trip he now misses seeing his kids who we were meant to have this weekend.  Yes we were only having them for Friday night this week due to Mother's Day on Sunday but he still misses out and most importantly his kids miss out.  Sadly we can't just "make up" the time due to the kind of relationship that his ex and him have.  Of course that puts the ex in a bad mood and so we all have to suffer the repurcussions for a long time.

So for the next 2 nights I will indulge myself with my Lindt chocolate bunny.  I never buy Lindt chocolate unless it is on special, so it is a once in a blue moon type of treat.  Will it make me feel better in the long run??  Probably not, but hey whats a girl to do????  He is kinda almost too cute to eat though with his little red bow and his bell don't you think?

As far as my crocheting goes, I am itching to start something "real" rather than just doing squares for a blanket that cannot possibly be finished until I receive all of the series of "Art of Crochet" but I am determined to catch up.  Here is my attempt at square number 3.....

I am quite pleased with my first ever granny square.  I have yet to pin out any of my squares yet and I suppose I probably should so they look "prettier" and neater lol but for the moment they are all just getting to know each other in my little bag they sit in.  Here is what this square is "supposed" to look like....
I don't think I did too bad with this one!!! lol

With hubby away I will most likely get quite a few more of them done over the next few days and will come and share some more.

But for now I am going to go and put a little water on my fruit trees and empty the cat litter tray (joy of joys!) and admire my bunny when I come back in....Happy Thursday everyone!

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