Thursday, May 19, 2011

ATTACK OF THE CROCHET BUG.......Art of Crochet Squares 3-16

I think I have discovered the problem with these installment type craft magazine things,,,,,such as "The Art of Crochet"....

.....the problem is that I get them in lots of 4 once a month.  I love pulling them apart and placing them in my folder.  I add a little sticky post it note on the pages of things I want to make (sadly lol, so far that has been at least 95% of the patterns!!) and dream about making them perfectly.  At this point the word perfectly is just a dream but hey, I've only just begun to learn lol!!  Anyway then comes the time to crochet and, me being me, when I am learning a new skill, I need total, and I mean TOTAL concentration.  So that requires me to wait until all the Little People of the house are tucked up in bed for the night so that I don't have the constant "Mum where is...." or "Mum can I have...", you know how it  is lol.

So sadly, my squares have taken time to develop, but just lately, as I have  mastered a few of the basic stitches and don't have to concentrate quite as hard, I have been churning out some squares.  Once again, they are less than perfect and this blanket isn't quite going to look like the one on the photo above but hey it will always be labelled  as the "blanket I learnt to crochet with".  I can see that due to tension issues etc I will have to crochet around a few squares to make them bigger as they have just ended up too small compared to a few that have grown to quite large proportions, but it will still be colourful nonetheless.

Here are my attempts at squares 3-16.....
As you can see by the photos some  are quite small. They measure about right according to what they are supposed to measure but sadly we have the larger ones such as cherry red one on the right that is very, and I mean VERY large in comparison.  Of course, being that sort of pattern I just couldn't stop when it reached the size of the other squares I had to keep going until the pattern was finished.  I am hoping I can stretch out some of the smaller ones a little bit to make up for it but oh well as I said I will just add little borders around the edge to even it all up a little.

Overall though I am quite enjoying my latest little hobby.  I particularly enjoy the granny squares as they are so quick to make up and I can see fast progress.  I enjoy the fact that crochet comes together so much faster than knitting, well for me at least lol.  Knitting seems to be very slow going for me, but crochet seems to happen and grow fast and I see results much quicker.

Last weekend I also got some more little tunnels and hammocks made up for Mr10's pet rats.  They had finally all but destroyed the ones that I made last year, so with some left over fleecy material I made up some more for them.  They love them!!!  While I had my sewing machine out I also recycled a pair of Mr10's old camo pants which had a huge hole in the knee and turned them into shorts.  Of course because they had been sitting in his drawer so long before he bothered to tell me they had the hole in them, when I got him to try them on they no longer did up lol.  Oh well my other Mr10 with Autism will be able to wear them as he is alot smaller in the waist.  So they will be reused after all and I was left feeling quite proud of myself!!

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