Friday, November 2, 2012

Who did you Adore.....

Listening to my stepdaughter during the school holidays, I was just in awe that the only topic of her conversations was One Direction.  This girl is obsessed with a capital O for sure.  Last year it was Justin Bieber, this year it is One Direction.  She still loves the Biebanator as we call him but her heart now has been kidnapped by the One D boys.

Any conversation you have with her will contain talk of the gang.

It got me thinking today of my teenage obsessions.  I'd like to share a few here:

We had

John Travolta


Patrick Swayze

Rob Lowe

John Stamos


Michael Jackson

Boy George

George Michael

and I even loved Marilyn for a while


There were also women that I loved singing along with and took little pieces of in my fashion "wants"


Cyndi Lauper

And the one woman who I truly wanted to grow up to be - as in singing and acting and to also have the body of:

Olivia Newton John

Sadly, I never became an actress, or a singer and I certainly never had the body of Olivia.  But amazingly all of these people are still up there today in my favourite actor/favourite music charts.  My kids have been brought up with Michael Jackson and Culture Club.  When they let me I play little bits of Marilyn, Madonna, Cyndi and Wham.  Looking back on some of my teenage idols, I think One D are probably pretty normal by comparison lol.

I do find it funny how none of my boys have ever had obessions with anything, it is really odd,,,,maybe boys just don't get as involved in things as girls, I don't know lol.

Who were you obsessed with as a teenager?


Kimmie said...


Anonymous said...

Leif Garrett and Surfers...anyone who surfed!! My girls are tots 1D obsessed...and my Boy its Red Hot Chilli Peppers...its a noisey musical house at times

Melissa Lawrence said...

Posters literally covered the walls in my room. Kirk Cameron, Michael J Fox, New Kids on the Block, Alyssa Milano, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh hello, i adored Madonna & Cyndi, both still rocking today.
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Tania @ Out Back said...

I go back a long time (70's) and my favourite band was Sherbet and singer was Shaun Cassidy!