Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Testing with a funny photo.....

Ok well it seems that Blogger is going to play nice today and let me share a photo......I may just go back into yesterday's post and see if it will let me share those pics as well!!!!

Nothing much to say today other than,,,,,,this car is so cute, I can imagine my car dressed up like this one lol (hubby would freak,,,,but yeah I can imagine it).

Ok off to investigate yesterday's blog post......

I tried,,,,sadly no it still says I'm out of room.........seems so strange how alot of us are having the exact same problems at the same time,,,,,how on earth can we all just run out of room at the same time????  Something fishy going on I think!

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Niki said...

Hey Colleen. Yes mine is being funny too. Will let me upload my photos into a post, but not change any other photos on my sidebar or header etc. Annoying. Seriously Kell is 3 in the sidebar. Just keep hoping it will let me do it one day. I went looking for a few of those little candle holders you liked in my last post, but alas I couldn't find you any. I got them at THINGZ. Which I often find little things in. But I will keep a look out & if I come across some I will get you to email your add.
Ok I hope all is good in your world. I am starting to feel the strain. Just one foot in front of the other till its done. Love to you all, Niki x