Friday, November 16, 2012

Bringing a new meaning to drive through......

Another funny photo from our files.......

My hubby says I am shocking at parking a car but I made sure I mentioned to him that I have never, at least, done anything quite like this!!  I have accidentally scraped the side of his car on the edge of the carport when I went to reverse out of the driveway and I have accidentally gotten a little too close to the wall when I have pulled in (is it my fault our old carport was only just long enough and it meant getting my car within an inch of the wall at the far end so his car could fit??? lol).  But never have I driven up stairs and attempted to enter through the door!

Yesterday I did the post which I titled "Procrastination",,,,,,,great title lol but it shows where my brain was at yesterday (or perhaps its where my brain wasn't at), as I realised I never actually mentioned what I was procrastinating about!

I was procrasinating about checking my cupboards to ensure I had the ingredients available to make the two cakes for the school market nite which I need to get made this morning.  I was supposed to check the ingredients and then go to the shop and buy anything extra I needed.........this morning I am all ready to go to make the cakes and,,,,yup, I now have to go to the shop as I just realised I have no golden syrup left in the house,,,,,,not even anything resembling syrup,,,no honey, no maple syrup, no treacle, nothing!  I had totally forgotten that we had a bit of a pancake run during the holidays and the golden syrup and the maple syrup got used up on those and the honey got devoured by for the treacle, well I'm not sure where that went but its disappeared too.  So, off I go to the shop, then its back home for some baking.

If I don't surface before the weekend,,,,,have a great weekend everyone!!

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