Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Wandering

Today is a day where I should be doing housework.  The floors are calling out for a vacuum and mop, the bathrooms really do need a good scrub and the kitchen bench needs to be found beneath the bits and pieces that seem to get left laying on it.  But today, I really don't want to do housework.  Today I just want to sit and read a book, read some of my favourite blogs, wander in my garden, making plans for its future and basically do nothing that normally I feel I HAVE to that is what I am doing.  I am having a day of little productivity.  I have another 2 hours till the kids return home and another 11 hours till hubby gets home from his latest work trip to Perth.  He left at 4.30am Wednesday morning and will walk though the door at around midnight tonight.  When hubby is away I either rise to the challenge of being Queen of the Castle and work like a madwoman or I turn into a sloth.  These last couple of days have been the latter lol.  Hubby will come home and probably wonder what the heck has happened to the house, but I really don't care today.  I will get back into it tomorrow.  When the kids get home I need to get them to knuckle down and get some homework done so we don't end up with all of it left for the weekend.  I really should have pushed them a little harder last night to get more done, but last night I accepted just the bare minimum out of them.  So tonight we will get most of it done, leaving just a little bit for Hubby to help with tomorrow.  I will make Spag Bog for dinner as it is quick and easy and a great comfort food and then we will laze on the couch and watch a movie I think.  By the time the movie finishes and I get the kids to bed I should have about an hour or so before Hubby gets home where I can just chill out and read a book or flick through a magazine.  Sounds like a plan to me!!

I just went for a wander through my garden, it is so full of hope and promise right now.  Not that we have a bountiful garden but there is hope for the future in the garden.  Our fruit trees are looking healthy in their pots, the roses are in bloom (after summer the existing plants, roses included, will be pulled out in preparation for planting our fruit trees).  Our veggie gardens are lined up, waiting for their soil and compost to be loaded in and getting things planted out in them.

My little tomato seedlings I bought earlier this week have been transplanted into some little pots (not bad from the one punnet of seedlings I ended up with 13 plants!!  On my kitchen bench are some flowers that Hubby picked earlier in the week and my celery bottom which is now shooting.

When Hubby arrives home we will make some plans for the weekend, maybe go to a local school fete on Sunday and possibly, weather permitting, a bike ride or walk somewhere new on Saturday.

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

Celery shooting

Flowers picked by Hubby

My happy plant rescued from the sad bench at the shop is starting to look happy again

Strawberries hiding in my pots

Nearly ready!, not large but they will do!

My tomato seedlings,,,,all from the one punnet,,,now that is value for money lol

Roses in bloom

Not sure what these are but they are quite pretty

Another rose

Fruit tree blossoms

Yet another rose

One of only 3 plums on the tree

But wait there's more....roses that is!

Our promise of a bountiful future harvest,,,,,fingers crossed lol


Lisa said...

wow you work hard on your plants. Tell us about the celery, It is growing a new plant out of itself?

Tania @ Out Back said...

Your garden is looking great! Hopefully those little plots will be filled with goodness very soon :)