Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend we didn't have much planned.  After Hubby had been away on yet another work trip last week (Perth this time) which took up 3 full days and saw him not walk in the door till after midnight on Friday night/Saturday morning, we decided to have a fairly low key weekend.

On Saturday we enjoyed a sleep in and then tackled the kids homework which I had been a little lenient with on Friday night.  It took a couple of hours, but most of it is now done with just a couple of things left until tonight to get finished off.

After lunch we headed out for a walk/bike ride (kids rode, we walked) down to a local park which we hadn't yet been to.  It has a small playground and a small bike track which Mr10 particularly enjoyed.  We then headed back home, popping into the shop to grab some things for dinner and to quench our thirst with a nice cold apple juice.

Saturday night saw the kids out riding their bikes until dark and then we all settled down to watch Men in Black 1.  I had never seen this movie and since the kids have been saying they wanted to see Men in Black 3, I thought I really should play catch up.  While watching the movie I also made a start on another little crochet item, this time it is purely decorative and I will reveal it when I am finished,,,,hopefully this week if the crochet Gods are willing lol.

On Sunday we enjoyed yet another sleep in and then made our way out to a local fete that one of the schools had on.  It was a fairly small fete but it was nice to be out and about and Mr10 enjoyed himself.....Mr12 did too but he is just getting to that age where he doesn't want to look uncool and be seen doing anything silly lol so he basically just walked around not participating in any rides or even asking for anything.  Both boys had a turn at guessing how many lollies were in the various lolly jars which were lined up......and today I received a phone call saying that Mr10's guess had been a winner and we are now the proud owners of a jar of jelly beans which I will go and pick up tomorrow lol  (Hubby will be over the moon,,,,he loves jellybeans!!!).

While at the fete we grabbed a few novels for my Mr15, a cookbook for myself and Mr10 bought himself a book as well.  Hubby and I bought some plants for the garden too.  We bought a couple of Bromeliads, a couple of fuchsias a succulent and some Easter Daisy,  We ended up paying just $5 for 8 plants so we were pretty happy with that!  We plan on putting the bromeliads out in front of our bedroom window.  The fuchsias will go into nice pots and when we have our verandah area done, they will live out there.  The Easter Daisy and the succulent will most likely go either out the front or down the side of the house, not sure yet :)

Mr10 had a turn on one of those giant inflatable things where you are tied around the waist and joined to another person by a stretchy rope and you need to pull and try and get to the basketball hoop at the end of your run and pull it to the ground.  Mr10 got teamed against a girl who was pretty much half his size lol, so it was a little unfair for her.  He had a blast though lol and the fact that he beat the girl and won the round, well his day was made!

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend back to the housework!

These things look like alot of fun,,,,pity it wasn't made for adults lol

Almost there......

Got it....and took out the ride manager at the same time lol

But finally victory was his!

My plant haul

My 50 cent cookbook......the recipes in this book look so yummy!!!


Niki said...

What a great family weekend.
Did hubby like Perth???
My boys would of loved that bouncy thingo-big time. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, it made my day. Have a great week, Luv Niki

Joolz said...

I think you certainly got some bargains there! Just one plant at a nursery would set you back $5!

Good work!

Tania @ Out Back said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

I do love your haul, especially those plants. The cook book sounds good too!


OurGangof7 said...

Thank you for the comments ladies, yes it was a good weekend and a great little bargain shop too.
Niki - Hubby has been to Perth for work many times over the years as he used to (in his old job) be an SA/NT/WA manager and cater to all three states. He really likes it there,,,,well except for the hot weather lol. I went with him on one of his trips back in 2006 and I loved it. When we got told we were moving to Victoria, I grumbled and said it could have been Perth, Tasmania or Queensland and I would have been jumping at the chance to go, but no it had to be my least favourite state lol. (I am enjoying the cooler weather though, so I guess there is always some good points to any situation)