Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Bits and Pieces

This weekend saw us quite busy little bees, not doing alot but moving constantly.

Saturday morning was the usual trip to the shops to replenish the dog and cat supplies and do a little more Christmas food shopping,,,,,(we are trying to make the most of what, for us, is going to be a very strange Christmas, not having our family near us).  We bought another turkey.  We now have two.  One for Christmas day and one for our "second Christmas" in the middle of January when we have all the kids here.

We then spent a couple of hours on the phone to my Ex (the boys dad) and my boys Mr17 and Mr15. Mr17 spent last week in New Zealand as part of his Gold Level Duke of Edinburgh Award.  He said he had a fantastic time and met so many new friends.  He said it has been the highlight of his life so far and I am so glad that he had such a brilliant time.  He said all the kids bonded really well and he felt sad at the end because it felt like they had become a family and had to say goodbye.  Amazing how a group of 15-18 year olds can become so close in just the space of 4-5 days :)

Saturday night saw us go to Frankston for their Christmas Light Spectacular.  They had rides and food and a stage set up with various entertainment throughout the night.  It was quite  a warm night which made it a little unpleasant early on but thankfully there was a little cloud cover which protected us somewhat. Santa and Mrs Claus made their entrance riding Thomas the Tank,,,,that was pretty cute,,,,even if my Mr10 and Mr12 were a little underwhelmed (oh to have little kids back again that got so excited at things like that lol!!)   At 9.30 they lit the huge pine tree and had fireworks going off from two different points nearby.  The highlight for me would have to have been the sleigh carrying Father Christmas and Mrs Claus which was suspended by a huge crane and circled the huge lit up pine tree,,,,truly amazing.  This was our first year seeing it naturally lol,,,,don't know if it is something that happens every year, but for a first timer, it was pretty awesome!!  My photos don't capture it very well but you get the idea.

Sunday we spent at home.  The lawns had taken on lives of their own and hubby gave the kids a crash course in lawn mowing,,,they didn't do too bad at all actually!  I think we may have found our future slave labour in the garden :)

Sunday afternoon we put up our Christmas tree.  We were originally going to have a real tree this year, but we realised that a real tree wouldn't more than likely last right through to mid January when the other kids come over so we have stuck with our fake one for this year (was so looking forward to the smell of pine needles in the house!!,,,,oh well).

We now have to work out how we are going to do our outside lights.  We had a fairly large area on the old house and could really make a decent display,,,,this house has only a little front yard and not as much house frontage either,,,,we have to put our thinking caps on!!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too!!!

Sorry I went to add photos but apparently I am out of space for photos.....seems like there are quite a few of us that have run out at the same time,,,,,don't they like us any more???? lol


Niki said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I am so glad your boy had a wonderful time in NZ. You must be very proud of him. Yes on the photo upload. Heaps of us seem to have it. It won't let me upload my new header or put new photos on my sidebar. Kell is 3 in that photo. Ha.

Joolz said...

You have been busy, busy! I will get our Christmas tree up next week when it's December. I am finding pre-Christmas very boring with no kids home :(

Here is the link to the Cuppucino Cake - I have made it once before and I think from memory, I may have brushed the cake with a mix of strong black coffee and Tia Maria just for added richness. Kirby has always been a coffee girl so I know she'll love it.


Cheers - Joolz

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful...agree that little ones make xmas more magical xx