Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another one down......

I think I should do more quick and easy crochet projects.  It is really fulfilling when things are started and completed in the space of a few days.

Although I do love my long projects, I do find myself getting a little tired of them by the time they get to about the half way point.  I am so glad that I tried out this little pattern for my beautiful little great niece and her big sister.

This one is the one I finished on the weekend for the big sister.  I wasn't sure about the wool choice (I was determined to use wool from my stash rather than buying new stuff and this one talked to me at the time but while crocheting it, I became undecided on it).  As I completed it though, I decided that it is something a little different and I think will look very cute over the top of a plain out fit.  I am supposed to put a couple of little buttons on these cardigans but I am just wondering if they will do without the buttons????  Not sure, will have to have a think on that,,,,,,having said that, it probably does need buttons, otherwise its not really a cardigan lol.

I hope they like their cardigans and I hope they fit,,,,,,I need to steal (borrow) someone's toddler and baby to test it out lol.

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Tania @ Out Back said...

Very pretty Colleen :)

Well done!