Thursday, August 4, 2011

When you send a text, please a LOL to show its a joke..........

As the title suggests, or rather hints at, you can see what happened to me last night.

Yes my ex husband send me a text regarding having the boys this weekend.  He has the boys 1 night each weekend depending on his work schedule.  Last week he had said that for this weekend he could do either Friday or Saturday as he wasn't working on the weekend.  I told him that as were having the step kids on Friday night, it would be great for him to have the boys on Saturday night allowing us to have all the kids together for Saturday (we were supposed to have the stepkids last weekend but they were sick so we are playing catchup by having them one night this weekend and then probably extra nights next weekend).

Anyway,,,,,the Ex had tried to call me just before 8pm, my mobile was in the bedroom and I was having a shower.  The kids obviously didn't hear it ring and neither did I.  He then sent me a text at about 10.15pm, which I also didn't hear.  Then at 11.45 he sent me another text, this read "Hi u can stick your phone ? Boys Fri Nite would be best ? Have a good 1".  Now reading this, I assumed he was having a go at me and as I had already discussed him having them on Saturday night last week I thought he was just trying to be difficult.  I naturally bit back and told him not to take an attitude with me and if he was going to be like that he should just not bother to have the kids this weekend (I know I cringe when I read that back to myself too).  He texted me straight back with "I was only joking".  Sheesh this man doesn't know about the "LOL" that he really should have added to his text then.

He called me this morning and I apologised for flying off the handle but begged him to please add an LOL next time he says something like that if he is meaning it to come across as a "Joke".



Anonymous said...

It is true we write thinking the other person knows what we are thinking behind our words! Once I wrote an email in all caps and the person thought i was yelling at them! I had no idea that meant something bad. When my kids were little, and wild, as I have mostly boys and you know how boys can be, my husband and i used say to each other "you can have the kids". kids probably thought they were a good thing and in reality, we were joking how they were driving us crazy! love,andrea

OurGangof7 said...

Lol yep boys can be pretty wild!! I've said the same thing "you can have the kids" many times over the last 16 years too,,,,always makes me feel a little guilty when they do something adorable lol.
My Hubby often wonders why I hate the "electronic era" as he calls it, last night was one reason why. I like the old fashioned "talking" :-) I think I am just an old fashioned girl at heart!