Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bringing Cheer into a winter's day.....I literally did a little dance with excitement!!!

Oh Boy, you won't believe what I just found, you just won't believe it!!!

I struggle growing things in the garden.  I didn't inherit my mother's green thumb,,,I think mine are kinda black instead, but I try!!

This year I desperately wanted to grow daffodils.  Hubby bought me this huge bag of bulbs to plant and in amongst the Ranunculis and the Snowbells were, you guessed it,,,,,,DAFFODILS!!  Now there were only about 7 daffodils, but thats okay, I was ecstatic I had my daffodils.

Now I am a pretty useless gardener in the sense that if I plant something from bulb or seed, the poor little things can shoot and unless they are precisely labelled, I will have no idea what the heck it is until it flowers or produces something lol.  I am trying to improve on this but hey these things take time right????

Anyway, I planted out a stack of bulbs into some nice round planters I had sitting here.  I put a mixture of bulbs into each one and miraculously I have had a lot of them shoot.  I have been sitting here for the last week or so watching a couple in particular which seemed to be ready to bloom.

Today it is pouring with rain so I  hadn't been outside till just now.  It is still pouring with rain but I braved it and stuck my head out the front door,,,,and what did I see,,,,I saw a couple of little bits of white and a rather large patch of yellow in amongst the green of the weedy patch in the garden.  To show you just how gloomy today is, here is a picture of the sky,,,,,within a couple of minutes of this photo being taken, the rain started pelting down again......

But this, this is what I wanted to show you,,,,first of all my little Snowbells (I think that is what they are lol)

Aren't they just so precious!!

And now my little beauty, my most favourite flower of all,,,,,My little buttercup, My one and only (to this point) Daffodil!!!!

Bear with me I'm a little excited, this poor things was photographed from all angles....

Sorry for the quality of the pics,,,,,my macro setting just wasn't cooperating at that point!!

But isn't this little guy just adorable.  He is now sitting in a vase bringing cheer into my kitchen.  I did take a pic of him in his vase but for some reason the picture won't turn (grrrrr).

Daffodils always remind me of the Brady Bunch in one of their shows (I know I am showing my age lol), you remember the one where they sing "Sunshiney Day", I used to sing that song alot when I was a kid :-)

Ok, back to my housework (centred around my kitchen of course!), now that I have had a little sunshine brought into my otherwise gloomy kind of day :-D


Tania @ Out Back said...

Gorgeous flowers, you have done well!

Not raining here, sun is still shining with a beautiful 23 degrees...I think we are due for some rain later today :)

Anonymous said...

They are so pretty! That is great...that you grew them. I cannot grow bulb flowers...I either put them too deep or too shallow in the ground. My kids love the brady bunch movies...and they never even saw the regular brady bunch. love,andrea