Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well it is confirmed....Pneumonia is what he has

Finally, yesterday afternoon, it was confirmed that Mr11 has Pneumonia.  Now it is a waiting game for the Antibiotics to hopefully kick in and help him recover.

I am thankful that he is relatively well and happy.  It is frustrating him that he is sick and yet for the most part doesn't feel sick, lol he just doesn't really get that bit.  I told him to just be happy that it is that way and not making him feel totally miserable.

He is handling swallowing his capsules really well.  One mouthful of water and the capsule is are gone.....I am amazed at that lol - it takes me a whole glass of water to swallow just one capsule (I picture myself in my old age having 5-6 tablets to take each morning and night and needing 5-6 glasses of water to get them down lol....and then the subsequent million trips to the toilet that would days would be full just taking tablets and going to the loo lol).

He is handling the ventolin puffer, he is still getting the hang of it but he is managing okay with it.  I think at least some of it is going where it is meant to go.  Lol he is having a bit of trouble coordinating his breath in with his pushing of the puffer but we are getting there!!

As far as blogging goes, I actually had stuff to talk about this week but between Mr11's illness and my Mr9 being home with a bad cold as well I didn't get to photograph the things I wanted to talk about so I will just put them on hold for the moment.

Okay I'm off to puffer and capsule up my boy - Take care everyone!!

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