Friday, August 19, 2011

One of those weeks.....

The worst bit about being a parent would have to be the worry that comes with the job. 

Last week my Mr11 went off to his friend's house for the weekend.  His friend lives about 40 minutes away and therefore they only really get to catch up in the school holidays.  But the other weekend was the other boy's birthday and so they had organised a 2 night sleepover up at their house.  The first weekend it was planned for we had to cancel as Mr11 was sick at school on the Friday.  I wasn't sure if it was the start of gastro or something so I thought it best to cancel......needless to say he was only sick the one time!

We re-organised it for the weekend just gone.  Mr11 went up there Friday after school and then I get a phone call from the other boy's mum on Saturday afternoon saying that Mr11 had been sick twice and wanted to come home.  We got him home and he was sick a couple more times and I thought "Okay, he has a bug".  On Sunday morning he was brighter and we decided we would all go to Mr14's soccer game.  He started to look a little pale but said he was hungry, silly me had meant to pack some dry crackers for him to nibble but I forgot....the only thing available was plain potato chips so he had a few of those.....silly move!  We made it back home before he was sick again.  The strange part was that he was really bright in between the times he was sick, it was odd.  Monday he stayed home from school and I fed him bland types of food and just small amounts, he was sick a couple of times but only tiny little bits, he was keeping down most of his intake and was drinking well.  Tuesday saw him only sick twice, both times really small amounts and his food intake was up on the previous day.  Wednesday he was okay and bright as a button so Thursday he headed off to school.  At about 1.15 I got a phone call from the school saying that he had been sick.  I headed in to pick him up an he waltzed out of the sick room bright as a button.   He said he had felt sick as he had walked in to school that morning but felt fine after a few minutes.  Lunchtime came around and he felt off and didn't have more than 2 bites of his lunch.  He went out to play with a friend and was sick on the oval. 

I have an appointment for him on Monday with our family doctor (of course he isn't working between now and then!).  Mr11 doesn't want to see anyone else, but I did pop in and talk to a doctor this morning who advised me that is most likely a virus and since he is keeping most of his food down he will be okay.  My main concern is he has now missed basically a week of school and will now miss Monday as well as his appointment is in the middle of the day.

When he was 5 he had a very similar thing.  He was sick on and off for 4 months.  It was just so random the doctors kept putting it down to a virus, but then I noticed that he was losing weight.  It was gradual and I didn't notice it for quite a while.  In total he ended up losing 6kgs.  When I realised just how much he had lost I took him into the Children's Hospital who admitted him and put him in isolation as they were convinced that he was contagious.......this was after me explaining that this had been on and off for 4 months and no one else at home, in a house with 6 other kids (at the time) was sick.  So we were confined to a little room while they did blood tests, urine tests, you name it he had it.  They then decided that it wasn't contagious and he could venture into the play area.  He stopped throwing up for a full 24 hour period and they allowed him home.....I still didn't have any answers.  We went back for a follow up appointment and they decided to put a tube thing (sorry I can't recall exactly what it was) up his nose and down into his stomach which would attach to a box on the outside that would record what his stomach was up to for 24 hours.  This showed up nothing unusual and they then passed it off as "just one of those freaky things" and nothing more got done.  He never had another bout like this for 6 years,,,,until now.

I will hold off going to any other doctor now until Monday unless he gets worse.  I will just keep and eye on him and monitor his intake.  On Monday though I will be demanding to find an answer, we cannot go through 4 months of this again!  One time can be put down to a freak thing but twice???  Looking at him now you wouldn't think there was anything wrong, he is laughing and drinking and eating just like normal.

Aaagghhhhhhhhhhh weeks like this I just hate being a parent and hate the worry that goes with it.  My brain is just running overtime thinking about everything he has eaten wondering if there is a trigger or something.  I just don't know!!!!!

On a lighter note, I decided to make up some more Christmas decorations for this year....this had been my plan for this week originally far I have made just 1 and I couldn't put his Christmas ribbon on as I can't seem to find the red and green ribbons I know I have somewhere in this house lol.  Here he is....

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm....sounds like your son's illness could make a good subject of a doctor's t.v. show, like "House". (MY daughter loves that show!). Sometimes we just have to pray we know when to go to the dr., and then that the dr. can figure things out!
On your other post, I forced the same type/color of hyacinth last Christmas...the smell was wonderful! love,andrea