Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Changing times.....Changing tastes...How getting older give you a different view on things

The beginnings of spring are here.  I have a few little blossoms opening up on my nectarine, peacharine and plum trees.  There are little buds on the feijoas.  I have little blueberries beginning to form on my bush.   The strawberry plants have a lot of flowers which hopefully will give us some sweet strawberries.

On Sunday I went and picked some lavender from the front garden.  I love lavender.  I said to my Hubby how funny it is that when I was a kid growing up, I used to hate lavender it always reminded me of old people.  Now I don't mean that I hated old people, I loved them but I just hated lavender.  I think it always reminded me of people who had died somehow and how fragile life could be.  I grew up with older parents so I had more than my fair share of family deaths in my childhood.  I said to Hubby that I must be starting to get old because now I love the stuff.  It is strange how as we are growing older our tastes change so much.  I also remarked to Hubby the other day when my Mr14 was asking why we keep trying to grow veggies and fruit when we hardly have any success.  We explained to him that it was to save money and because it is something that we enjoy.  It is the hope that each little seed gives.  He didn't get it.  It made me remember how when I was about that age I thought gardening was pointless too.  I always told my parents that when I grew up I would just have a cement or paved yard, I would never have a garden and that was that lol.  Here I am now at the age of 41 wanting to move to the country so that I can have lots of land and to create a huge garden filled with fruits and veggies and other beautiful plants.  I wonder if my son will change his mind as he gets older too.


Anonymous said...

I can understand what you are saying! A couple of years ago, I bought an orchid plant. My younger sister told me she thought that is just what old people grow! ha. love,andrea

OurGangof7 said...

Lol Andrea its funny how we relate somethings to a person's age. I am only just beginning to understand my mum's fascination with gardening. I simply never "got it" before...now I have to learn and I want it all learnt fast lol.