Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Things Kids Ask You For lol!!!

As you might remember a little while ago my Mr14 asked me to blog the recipes I make so that when he/all the kids leave home they have a place they can find all their favourite recipes in one spot without having to ring me all the time for them.  I contemplated this for a little while and decided that it wasn't a bad idea and so my new cooking blog was born.

This has been coming along slowly.  I always forget to take photos so many things go undocumented and I have to wait until the following time I make them before being able to blog about it.  The boys wanted step by step photos, well they don't quite have that.  They also wanted a picture of the ingredients at the very top, well they haven't got that either....I'm more of a "grab it from the cupboard and put it straight back kind of girl" lol.  What they do have though is their recipe ingredients, with a couple of photos of the "making" part and a photo of the end result with hopefully, what are easy to follow directions thrown in.

I finally got around to showing Mr14 last night, how his much anticipated blog was coming along.  Of course he went on about how so many of his favourites aren't there yet and I suggested maybe he would like to become photographer while I am cooking and then it may grow quicker, but nope that is just too hard.  His reply was "oh I guess thats okay, you still have years until I leave  home, you have plenty of time to remember to take photos and to add to it", LOL KIDS!!!

The next words out of his mouth really made me laugh though,,,,,his suggeestion was that as well as the blog that I should make up a large folder for each of the kids.  (I have two large folders full of recipes, one savoury, one sweet and a mountain of cookbooks which I am working my way through "Julie & Julia" style lol  ). 

He suggested that I should print out the recipes from my blog as I type them up and put them in the appropriate child's folder if it is something that that child particularly likes,,,,,,this kid has great ideas but sheesh, I don't think so!!!  My suggestion to him was that he could print and make his own folder when he leaves home but, yep you guessed it,,,,,that is too much effort, he said "Nah I'll just use the blog then, it was just an idea I thought you might like to do, you could always do it scrapbooking style and make them look nice and then its a project for you as well"  (honestly don't I have enough projects on my "To Do List" without adding more!!!).

So I will continue to do this my way.  I will blog each new recipe that I make, adding to my blog little by little.  Some recipes will be super easy and probably ones that no one other than my children will want but they are who the blog is for mainly anyway.  I do hope the blog will grow as I expand my recipe selection.  The movie "Julie & Julia" struck a chord with me because I basically am doing the same thing.  I have books and folders full of recipes that I am itching to try.  So many recipes, so little time lol.  This is a great way to expand the kids tastebuds I think too.  My kids have tried, and subsequently enjoyed so many things that they would have just screwed their noses up at a year or two ago, and all because I have decided to just give it a go instead of stressing about whether or not they will eat it.
Do you have cookbooks sitting on your shelf waiting to be explored,,,,,give it a go, its actually quite fun :-)


Melissa Jane said...

Obviously, next to the money tree in the back yard you have also planted a time tree. Lucky you - endless supply. lol

OurGangof7 said...

Lol precisely Melissa.

Time and money, both sadly lacking but the kids seem to think there is an endless supply of both. I am sure they think that since I am a Stay at Home Mum we must be rich lol.....I wish!!