Friday, April 20, 2012

Where is the time going.....

Here we are, Friday 20 April.  The last Friday of the school holidays already!!  I know many parents dread school holidays but I have learnt to love them.  Only problem is, they go past way too fast.  I find that since we generally have my stepkids in the first week, and as that always means we are housebound while hubby is at work during that week, that the first week disappears and we don't really do anything with the kids.  I always feel sad that the kids have spent way too much time in front of screens as my time has been taken up with Mr11 with Autism.  It gets to the end of that first week and I feel totally drained of energy.  This time my energy has remained drained.  I don't know why I just feel a little flat.  I think lately everything has just accumulated and after my last post about things going wrong.....well yet more things have gone wrong but I'm not going to bore you with the details.  Everyone is still alive and kicking (animals included) so that is all that matters.  Once again I had so much I wanted to achieve with the kids these school holidays (game wise) and we haven't done any of them.  We have been home enough to play heaps of games but none were achieved.  I found all the little bits and pieces that had to be done took up alot of time and by the time I could actually sit down and play a game, well it was time to think about dinner.  The after dinner routine for these school holidays has been watching movies with the kids.  So by the time dinner and dinner clean up happened and the kids had their showers etc, it was movie time and the games were pushed aside yet again.    Then the boys have been with their Dad for a few days here and there too that also meant less time.

The boys are off with their dad today and won't be back till dinner time tonight.  We also get the stepkids back tonight for the weekend.  Tomorrow Mr11 has his friend coming over for a sleep over and of course we have soccer games each day of the weekend.

Today I need to get this house back into shape, it is just all kinds of disgusting right now.

Oh yeah,,,,the diet is still going, although school holidays have been a struggle as far as the exercise routine went, we had to deviate from the plan and our food intake has been a little less than ideal.  But our results for 6.5 weeks have been:

Hubby has lost 5.8kgs and 20.5cms and I have lost 4.5kgs and 32cms.  (Yesterday our results were better but we both gained a heap yesterday due to having to eat out for two meals!!)  I am beginning to see the results of our efforts.  No one else has made comment so the changes aren't huge, but I can tell by the way my clothes are fitting that I am changing.  I have been wearing loose fitting clothes so that is probably why no one else has noticed lol.

I will leave you with a few photos I have managed to snap over recent days.


Niki said...

Hey Colleen, how cute are your animals. Hard work cleaning up after all of them isn't. Blah. But we love them, right? Ha.
Lots of lovely cooking I see. Good job.
I got the sign in a Thingz Homewares store. Do you have Thingz over there. Well it is in their superstores for $39.99, which I though was a bargain because all over the net, these graphics are so expensive. They also have "Beach rules" "house rules" & lots of lovely sayings, but I like the colours in this one.
Have a good weekend, Niki x

Adam Thomas said...

Hey your pets are too cute.take care of your pets.I like it.
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Anonymous said...

Deep breath lovely...Im sure the kids enjoyed their hols and leave the clean up till next week when they are back to school, my floor is all kinds of nasty but not mopping till Monday after the school bus leaves xx

Anonymous said...

Oh and 32cm OMG bloody great work gf xx

momto8 said...

good luck with everything!!
fun pics!