Monday, April 30, 2012

Healthy Eating weekend

Well we have made it to the 8 week point of our "Diet Regime".  I know I have been a bit slack in the updates and since I am in a bit of a rush today I still don't have time for a thorough update but I will give a quick rundown of our results at least.

Hubby has now lost 7.7kgs and I have lost 5.8kgs.  After the last few weeks being a bit on the dismal side for the weight loss this week finally picked up again with both of us losing another 1kg.  It is amazing how the school holidays and the different routines that happen in those 2 weeks can affect you.

This last week saw us back on the stricter calorie counting and we started to look for some new recipes to tempt our tastebuds with.  We have been trying out a few recipes from Michelle Bridge's book and I have to say they are quite nice.  We have tried the Chicken Pad Thai, her Baked Fish and Chips and the Thai Chicken Stirfry over the weekend and each meal was really yummy.  The kids didn't like her fish but hubby and I quite enjoyed it, although having said that I think we will just stick with our usual fish cooking in future as we prefer it without the crumbs lol.

Chicken Pad Thai

Thai Chicken Stirfry

Baked Fish and Chips

The Chicken Pad Thai we will definitely make again and probably the Thai Chicken Stirfry too.  Both those meals are so quick to make they are just right up my alley for convenience lol.

This week our exercise was the Wii Fit Plus.  We went through the 18 (I think thats how many it was lol, possibly 15) activities in the Challenge section of it.  We left the actual exercises such as Yoga etc out of the equation this week.  Naturally some of the exercises are pretty useless when it comes to burning calories as you don't really move but the run, the bike ride and the obstacle course in particular raise the heart rate.  Lol, one of the bike ride's I did, had me going for 39 minutes as you need to find all the flags on the island course and I couldn't find the last flag (there were 27 in total),,,,,,I was totally destroyed by the end of that, my legs had turned to jelly!!!  Thankfully, I am proud to say that yesterday when I did it my time was down to about 11 minutes,,,,,,,,,,,,,and then of course I have now unlocked the next course,,,,,,,,,I can't bring myself to see how many flags you have to find on this course lol!!!

But today is Monday so it is time to change over to our next exercise in Mr17's "Torture Regime" (did I say that lol?????, sorry I meant "Diet Regime"), which is Don King Boxing on the Wii.  This will be an interesting one for someone as unco as me lol.


Niki said...

That is so fantastic. Over 5 kilos is really good, keep going. I'd be happy to loose 5 right now. Your hard work is being rewarded. They 6kilos is a dress dress. Yay. The food looks delicious too. well done.

Niki said...

I meant to say "they say 6 kilos is a dress size" Dill!!!

Tania @ Out Back said...

We eat many of Michelle's recipes in this house, they are so nutritious and we dont feel hungry until our next meal, which is the goal. Well done on yours and hubby's weight loss, you are doing so well :)