Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 4 Diet Results

Gee life has been busy this last week or so and with school holidays/Easter/Mr9's birthday later this week, it doesn't look like stopping any time soon!

I thought I would quickly pop in to update our diet results.  We are both please with this weeks results and have our fingers crossed that it will keep on going (having said that we have arrived at the traditional time of the week that we always seem to put on weight,,,,Monday/Tuesday, who knows why lol).

Anyway off we go.....

Day 23 results
Hubby gained 800 grams bringing his total loss to 4.7kgs
I gained 600 grams bringing my total loss to 3.2kgs

Day 24 results
Hubby lost 200 grams bringing his total loss to 4.9kgs
I lost 100 grams bringing my total loss to 3.3kgs

Day 25 results
Hubby lost 1.0kgs bringing his total loss to 5.9kgs
I lost 600 grams bringing my total loss to 3.9kgs

Day 26 results
Hubby lost 200 grams bringing his total loss to 6.1kgs
I lost 300 grams bringing my total loss to 4.2kgs

Day 27 results
Hubby lost 100 grams bringing his total loss to 6.2kgs
I lost 300 grams bringing my total loss to 4.5kgs

Day 28 results
Hubby lost 200 grams bringing his total loss to 6.4kgs
I lost 300 grams bringing my total loss to 4.8kgs

Our measurements for this weeks were down by 11 cms for hubby and 5cms for me.

So after 4 weeks our bodies have shrunk by 32cms for hubby and 28cms for me.

I am pretty happy as I have lost 9cms off my waist, 4cms off my hips and 6cms off my chest and my thighs and arms have lost a little too.  No one has really noticed it on me yet, hubby says he can tell I have lost weight but I'm a typical girl and until someone from outside of the house notices it, it doesn't seem real lol.  I wouldn't say I really feel different or healthier or anything like that, but I have found that my cravings for salt/sugar are diminishing and I have found that I'm not really missing the "junk food" any more.  Hubby and I still have a couple of chips if we make hot chips for the kids, just so that we aren't totally missing out, and the older two boys have both brought home samples of their cooking from school last week so  obviously we had to try their cooking out......I have to remember to tell you all about Mr15's cake tomorrow, that boy really suprised me last week!!

This week's exercise is the Bowflex Machine (weight training).  Last week on the cross trainer just about killed us I tell you lol.  We didn't do as much as we should have and probably if we had done more our results would have been even better.  But we can only do what we can do and we are doing our best to fit in the exercise where we can each day.

This week I promise to update you on my son's cake and his sports day achievement, my latest crochet project and I am bursting to show you all our newest family member.  I was unsure and thought it was too soon for a new member of our family after our dear old Billy passed away just 3 weeks ago but with our younger dog missing Billly very much I gave in.  I will share more over the next couple of days....Stay Tuned!!


Joolzmac said...

Your weight loss for 28 days is fantastic - 1.2 per week! That's a healthy way to lose weight instead of losing heaps up front then bottoming out to nothing. You must be doing something right.

Your weight gain on Mon/
Tues is probably from some naughty things you eat on the weekends - do you find you relax the diet a bit on weekends? None-the-less, I am still impressed. Keep it up!

Cheers - Joolz

Anonymous said...

Fantastic results!!