Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter,,,,,,and not a photo of an egg in sight...how bad am I lol

It occurred to me this morning that I didn't take a photo of our Easter morning celebrations.  Not one photo of the Egg Hunt, not a photo of the Easter morning Easter Egg gifts from the Big Bunny, how slack am I!!!!!  Now I could go and take a photo of the eggs, the kids haven't eaten much chocolate yet so there are plenty of eggs to photograph, but I won't.  That to me would always annoy me as being "fake" lol.

Our diet has been a struggle this last week.  Weight loss has been pretty much non  existent, partly because we have been doing weight training this week and also partly because we celebrated Mr9's 10th birthday with our traditional party night, which of course then turns in to a "lets eat the left overs for lunch the next day" lol.  Both hubby and I gained weight after having pizza, party pies and the obligatory birthday cake. 

Mr now 10 had his best friend over for a sleep over,,,,sadly his friend got sick in the middle of the night and ended up leaving at 8.30am.  I think it may have been over tiredness that did it to the poor little munchkin as he went home had a sleep and then woke up good as gold.  My kids are fine with late nights and it doesn't cause them any ill effects, others aren't so lucky I guess.  Lesson learnt when it comes to this particular friend lol, next time there will be a time limit of midnight!!  Mr10 had a great birthday though I think and was very excited at having his first friend for a sleepover.  I remember my older two had had many a sleepover by this age but with the younger two they have been a bit slow to get interested in having friends over to sleep.  It still amazes me how different the 4 boys are in that respect.  The younger two hate birthday parties and the like, whereas the older two loved them.  I always feel guilty that this was the first birthday "party" with friends (albeit only one friend) that Mr10 has had and Mr11 also has only ever had one party with friends and that was for his 5th birthday.  But I can't push them into these things I guess, if they don't want to have parties it just isn't worth forcing the issue.

I felt a little sad to see my youngest "baby" hit the age of 10.  It feels like you are kissing childhood goodbye for the last time.  But they are all wonderful and they make me so proud every day.  I know that we have many more years of fun and challenges (both good and bad) ahead of us to look forward to and I do look forward to watching them all become young men and make their own life decisions in the future.

So I will post a summary of our diet results tomorrow.  For today I will just share some piccies of our Easter weekend.....

Mr10's cake - complete with TimTams, Skittles and M&Ms

Mr10 and his friend who celebrates his birthday today (Big bro in the background)

My little cutie Mr10

Down at Semaphore Beach, Mr11, Mr15, Mr10 and our newest family member, Shadow

Miss13's sand art (can you tell she loves Justin Bieber just a tad??)

Our beautiful Shadow (we have to get her green collar clearance so she can go without the muzzle)
Miss13's icecream pic (don't ask lol)

Shadow was such a good girl

We adopted Shadow last weekend.  I have wanted a greyhound for years and we had planned a while back to become greyhound foster carers to help ex-racing greyhounds have a second chance at life.  When our beloved Billy passed away a few weeks ago, our younger dog, along with all of us, missed him terribly and still do.  I felt terrible though for our little Mojo who was really lost when he was outside by himself.  He always had Billy to follow around and "play" with and now he had just taken to moping around all day, waiting for us to come and play with him.  Last weekend while we were at Mr15's soccer game, I was browsing through the paper and saw a greyhound free to good home advertisement.  Hubby called the guy and found that he had adopted Shadow a year ago from NSW and she hadn't been green collar tested but she was great around cats and other dogs and was very placid.  We went to meet her and fell in love with her instantly.  She doesn't take any notice of our cats and our little Mojo thinks she is pretty cool.  She has adapted to our family so well and so fast it is hard to believe she hasn't always been here.  I would have still liked to foster greyhounds but seeing the kid's go through losing Billy, we thought that it would be too hard on them at this stage to have to bring a dog into our home, have it with us for a month or two and then have to say goodbye to it.  We will still look at fostering in a few years time when the kids are that little bit older, but for now we are more than happy with our latest family member.


Niki said...

Ok first and foremost how do you not pinch that birthday boys cheeks all day long or kiss them-adorable.
We nearly went with the adopt a greyhound route a few years back-bizare. She looks beautiful.
The cake looks great & great family times I see.
Thanks for all your lovely positive comments I really appreciate them.
Luv Niki

Anonymous said...

Cool cake Mr 10 happy Birthday to you! I too didnt take any easter pics...bad Mummas...lol Oh Shadow what a beautiful dog...I grew up with Greyhounds as Dad was a trainer and breeder...I use to walk 6 at a time when I was 5 yrs old...such wonderful dogs!!