Thursday, April 26, 2012

My latest Crochet Completion

 I just realised this morning that I hadn't taken a photo of my last completed crochet item,,,,I am so slack lately!!  This scarf was from a pattern in my "Art of Crochet" collection and they called it a Long Fringed Scarf.  I found this pattern a little tricky at the beginning and I got so frustrated with it, I almost gave up altogether.  But on my fourth attempt at it, I realised I had been reading the pattern wrong,,,,,,Duuuuuhhhhhhh!!! lol.

I am glad I persevered with it, I actually quite like it now that it is finished lol.  The cost for the complete scarf came in at about $6.00 for the wool which is just a cheap acrylic but it actually feels quite nice and soft against your skin.  The colour is a little darker than it appears in the pics (its very overcast here today so there is no good light for photos)

As you can see I did have tension issues in the first part but overall it is generally a pretty even pattern which I am so glad of lol.  I have made 3 scarves so far and this would have to be my favourite one and one I am pleased to say I will actually use.

Currently I am on to a Messenger bag, which I hope to use for carting my crochet around with me when we go on drives......Hubby always calls me "Granny" when I do this lol, but who cares!  I need something to keep my mind active, I don't do just sitting around very well!!!

This is now project number 5 since completing my granny square blanket late last year.  I think I should give a few smaller projects a go as I do find that these larger items tend to make me a little bored by the time I get about half to 3/4 of the way through them, but having said that I am also the sort of person that needs to complete something once I have started it or I lose interest in it completely and it never ends up getting finished.

The weather here has been very cloudy and dull the last few days, not much sunshine to be had.  Kids started back at school and I still haven't been able to walk there yet lol, due to showers each morning.  This morning it was a fine misty rain, the kids were eager, well the younger two were at least lol, but I wasn't.  I knew that by the time Shadow and I got back home, it was likely to pour with rain.......of course this didn't happen because I drove the car, but you can bet that it would have if we had walked lol.

I have some seedlings that have sprouted and hope to get a few of them planted in the ground this weekend.  Amazingly most of the seedlings are flowers.....I can't usually get flower seeds to germinate at all so it will be interesting to see if I can get these little guys to survive to adulthood and provide me with some garden prettiness!

(My spell check revealed that I say "lol" way too much, I apologise for that!  In real life I am a very smiley person who does laugh quite a bit and I guess that comes through in my posts)


Becky said...

Your scarf turned out so lovely! I'll look forward to seeing your Messenger bag when you get it completed.

Tania @ Out Back said...

That scarf is gorgeous Colleen! You have done a great job, well done!


Nicole Watson said...

It is absolutley gorgeous. You are so talented and I love the colour. you will be able to wear it with so many different outfits. I really need to improve my crochet skills.