Thursday, October 20, 2011

Such kindness is shown in Blogland :-)

Recently I was reading Emily's blog Little Farm In The City and she was talking about her loofahs and was offering some seeds to her readers.

Well I have never grown Loofahs before and have never for that matter seen the seeds for the plants.  Since I have become a little bit of seed fanatic this year I emailed her and lucky for me she still had some available.

I was chuffed when I went to the letterbox yesterday afternoon and she had sent me a gorgeous card and a packet of seeds.

I can't wait to plant them, and I have a couple of the little people eager to help me grow some loofahs too (although I think they have other plans for the loofahs,,,,but that is a whole other story lol).

Thank you Emily, your generosity is most appreciated!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I am so happy to think that seeds that were given to me in the same manner have been passed on again!
I hope they are growing for you!